Monday, July 14, 2003

[MISC] Things Looking Up

Geez, has it really been almost two weeks since I entered something here? So much for the purpose of this blog being to make me a better writer by making me write every day.

Still, the scary "I don't know how I'll pay August's rent" situation is past. A new roommate should be moving in today, one Juan Carlos Jiminez-Marquez. It was great fun, yesterday, to take down all the online "roommate wanted" ads. Depositing the check for the security deposit shall be even more fun.

And, I've finally got a job interview tomorrow, after first talking to the recruiter two weeks ago. Takes long enough, sometimes. I am hoping like heck that it doesn't rain. The job is in an office park out in Newton, and the MBTA bus only goes to the end of the street, with something like a half-mile to walk after that. Already, I'm thinking about just wearing a T-shirt and putting my "interviewing outfit" on once I arrive at the place.

Speaking of jobs, here's an amusing ad - a job for a computer programmer at the Boston Globe, but the ad on BostonWorks (a Globe site) doesn't allow you to apply online. Sure, I do have a printer and stamps, but it just strikes me kind of odd to try to recruit technical people with the internet but not do it all the way.

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