Friday, August 01, 2003

[MISC] Did something vaguely like work today

And I guess I'll even get paid for it. I got a call from someone at Randstad earlier this week, who found my resume on Monster and apparently wasn't aware I had already signed on with them nine months ago. They asked me to go to the Harvard Square branch and take some tests on Access. Which seemed silly - the stuff on my resume was much more complicated and useful than what they tested me on (honestly, is the ability of a DB guy to change the font on a table particularly important?). Then I go out to Newton in order to meet the folks who need an "Access guru", and he quizzes me on all sorts of things.

So what do I do when I come in today? I'm supposed to design one of those paper forms with the little boxes that an automated scanner can read. And either those scanners don't come with software to do it or they don't know about it, so I wind up doing it in Visio, which really isn't suited to the task, but seemed better for it than anything else installed on the machine they sat me at. So, in the end, you had a database/Visual Basic guy using charting software to create a text form, and they apparently loved it. I just shook my head; this is an important office for a large international company.

But, hey, they're willing to pay me. Fortunately, I got email/calls from another company that might actually want me to do development work full-time. Hopefully that'll come through, because then you get the medical benefits and potential raises and all that good stuff. And no more dealing with Randstad, where the left hand really seems to have no clue what the right hand is doing and the assignments they come up with are just strange.

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