Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Well, I was going to have the last two reviews from the Boston Film Festival up last night, but Matt screwed that up, obtaining Red Sox tickets from his co-op job at Northeastern. I don't really mind. Wound up going straight from work to the game, which was long and annoying. I think my brain stopped working after the Orioles got an extra run via Melvin Mora being an idiot and strolling toward home from third on a walk when the bases weren't loaded, avoiding a ten-throw rundown, and scoring when the catcher dropped the ball near the third base bag. That's a "why do the baseball gods hate us so?" moment.

Anyway, movie related, the team announced during the game that Fox was shooting a scene from next summer's Fever Pitch at the park after the game, and we were welcome to stay, watch, be extras, etc. As I told Matt: "Fox just sold thirty thousand DVDs".

Maybe closer to ten thousand, as a bunch of folks left by the end, including Matt and Heather - I don't get why you don't stay another twenty minutes under these circumstances, especially if you're studying acting/theater/filmmaking or just love movies like Matt. It was fun, though - I moved down front, watched Drew Barrymore evade a bunch of security people while nearly knocking Johnny Damon over, and clapped as she and Jimmy Fallon hugged at the end of the movie. I think Damon and David Ortiz were the only actual players not replaced by extras. I did find it kind of amusing that they had the game be against Tampa and had the scoreboard show Rocco Baldelli batting; the Farrellys are Rhode Island natives and RI-er Rocco is pretty popular there, even if the team they root for is the Red Sox.

So, anyway, it was almost 11:30 by the time I got near a computer again and I was tired. There will be reviews of Kontroll and Duane Incarnate tonight. It will happen.

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