Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Parade photos

No movies Saturday... The Red Sox were having a parade, to which I brought my digital camera and very little in the way of skill at using it. I was camped out near the Charles/MGH station.

Motorcycle cops - There were zillions of them. For two hours before the parade actually arrived, they would ride past one way, and then the other, and so on. We breathed a lot of fumes.

The "veterans" duck boat, where I realized just how much of a crapshoot seeing the parade was - if I had taken up station on the other side of the road, I would have seen Oil Can Boyd or someone.

...instead, Johnny Pesky stopped right in front of me, which was pretty cool. David Halberstam's The Teammates (hey, buy it on the right) was my main baseball reading this summer, and it made me wish that Dom DiMaggio, Bobby Doerr, and especially Ted Williams could have been here for this parade, too - they were born around the time of the last victory, and their World Series was against the Cardinals, too. Just goes to show how much history persists in baseball - how often do you see black and white footage of football/basketball/hockey greats during their series?

A not-great angle of Johnny Damon. You should see the stuff I'm throwing out.

Just for fun, the first boat in the parade was "Red Sox Nathan".

Yeah, that's better.

The back of that boat. The "sharpen" tool in Microsoft Image Composer doesn't help much, does it?

Larry Lucchino with the trophy. Still don't really like Lucchino, to be honest. Guy just rubs me the wrong way.

I think this is David Ortiz. In my defense it was raining and the sun was right behind him.

Tito and others. I don't think that's Theo with the camera, but, regardless, how cool is it to be Theo Epstien right now? You've got to figure he's Boston's most eligible bachelor until he marries, he'll never have to pay for another drink in New England as long as he lives, and, because he got the Sox to the World Series after trading Nomar, he can do completely insane-looking things this off-season without fear of second-guessing.

Plus, his grandfather and great-uncle wrote Casablanca (to get vaguely back to movies).

Where I realized that apparently the picture is taken when you release the button. I think that's Jason Varitek there; he was one of the guys standing on top of his boat. I wonder if the driver/pilot let him stay up there when they hit the water. Probably not.

There's no denying Curt Schilling is much tougher than me. I got queasy just reading about what the medical staff did with his foot, and then he was able to actually pitch effectively against Major League hitters. I probably would have been on the crutches a couple weeks earlier.

It's Wally! And random Sox staffers!

It's Wally! And confetti!

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