Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sky Blue, and a discussion starter

Arg. I wanted to hit the Brattle to see Peau d'Ane tonight, but despite giving Ivy cash for a new membership on Sunday, it hasn't arrived yet. I'd bite the bullet and spend the $9, but Monday night, the ATM swallowed my card. The bank couldn't give it back to me the next morning, since even though the machine is actually part of the bank, it's handled by an outside contractor, so it would have been destroyed in the morning. Still haven't gotten a new one, so I've got $2 in my pocket until it comes, or I can cash a check on Saturday. Annoying.

I hope like heck it doesn't prevent me from getting a ticket to The Alloy Orchestra accompanying Blackmail on Saturday. If it is sold out... I'll trade anyone with a ticket a pass for SF/30 ($40-45 value) straight up.

Anyway, I wrote in my review of Sky Blue (below) that certain factors increase the probability and extent American distributors will mess with a foreign movie. Feel free to use the comments section to suggest what those factors may be.

Sky Blue (aka Wonderful Days)

* * ½ (out of four) (English-dubbed version)
Seen 19 January 2005 at Landmark Kendall Square #9 (first-run)

As Japanese animation became more prominent in American pop-culture during the nineties, people stopped making jokes about it, but the jokes didn't go away; they instead began referring to Korean production houses. The logical next step would be for Korea to start producing some impressive work, becoming the new Japan and deflecting all the jokes onto some other country (the Philippenes, perhaps). Sky Blue was a major undertaking for everyone involved, and it's an admirable effort, but if this is the Korean animation's big showcase piece, then they're not ready to be the new Japan yet.

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