Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm kind of putting off seeing Star Wars

I have to admit, I'm not quite ready for there to be no more. It's like while I was reading the collection of Douglas Adams's last writings, The Salmon of Doubt, and was enjoying it immensely but got sadder as I got closer to the end, realizing that there wouldn't be any new Adams stuff to read after this. I also want to watching the first two prequels and the Clone Wars DVD beforehand.

Also, I have to sleep. I was considering going with my brother Matt last night, but I do have a day job and there would be no T service when it ended at midnight.

Besides, I checked Fandango and saw that there are 9am shows at Loews Boston Common. I love the very idea of 9am shows. The theaters are very clean, you're basically sharing it with kids and other people who really love movies (or at least, expect to love this specific movie), it's not hugely crowded, so you can generally get a good seat. The only downside is the lack of much breakfast-y food, although you can get coffee and coffee-derived drinks. I also seem to recall either Boston Common or Fenway having cinammon rolls at the concession stand, which would be good too.

Here, I'd like to insert my regular question of why theaters don't have donuts. They seem like the perfect theater food - quiet, minimal packaging, good warm or cold, and you could probably charge $2.50 for something that the Dunkin Donuts next door charges 60 cents for. When they're finished, there would basically be a napkin left, so the cleanup is way better than with popcorn. The biggest issue I can think of is that they take up space and go stale quickly, but there are ways around that. I do know that I thought Krispy Kreme having a booth at the ballpark when I went to San Fran a couple years ago was brilliant.

So, what else would make good movie theater food, especially for movies shown at odd times?

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