Sunday, October 02, 2005


The idea of the blog is to review everything I see, but various festival-type things and work and just slowing down is keeping it from happening. And, there's other stuff I want to write while this falls out the back of my brain, so it's time to recognize that I won't catch up any time soon. So, over the next week or so, I'll be doing capsules to catch up. Any regular readers who want to see one of these subjects expanded, drop a comment and I'll look at expanding to full reviews.

The (planned) line-up:

Previews I didn't get to writing up until after the film had come and gone:
- Hustle & Flow, Junebug, Asylum, The Thing About My Folks, Pretty Persuasion

Oldies but (mostly) goodies:
- Sabotage, The Duelists, Elevator to the Gallows, The Shining

Henson & heirs:
- Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, MirrorMask

Boutique-ish stuff:
- Broken Flowers, November, The World, Lord of War

I ♥ Rachel McAdams:
- Wedding Crashers, Red-Eye

- Porco Rosso, Valiant, Corpse Bride

Daring Escapes:
- The Great Raid, The Tunnel

Wasn't Paul Rudd going to be a romantic lead, not a wacky supporting character?
- The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The Baxter

Big-time Imax:
- Magnificent Desolation, Sharks

Alex de la Igleseas:
- El Crimen Ferpecto, Accione Mutante, La Communidad, 800 Bullets

See, 31 behind? Never getting caught up, especially with the baseball playoffs and all the good stuff at the Brattle. And the midnight kung fu stuff starting back up at the Coolidge. So capsules for now, but I'll take a couple requests.

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