Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Seeking pledges for the Brattle's Movie Watch-a-Thon

I have an article on eFilmCritic (and its sister site, Hollywood Bitch-Slap), about the Brattle theater's financial troubles and why we should all try to save it. Read it, talk on the forums, etc.

To that end, I've signed up for their "Movie Watch-a-thon" fundraiser. Basically, folks pledge a dollar (or so) for every movie I see at the Brattle from 11 November to 4 December (films at other theaters count as a half), and hopefully by the end the Brattle has a bunch of money to stay open.

Anyone who'd like to sponsor me in this, drop me an email; when the time comes, you can make your payment directly to the theater via this page:

Sadly, the samurai films I've been seeing there all week don't count toward the total, but I'm pretty sure I can make that up. Anyway, it's a good cause, so I hope to hear from at least some of you soon.

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