Friday, June 23, 2006


Matt picked up free passes to this last week. You get what you pay for.

Sometimes less. The Red Sox had a game where they took out the Hammer of Crushing and destroyed the Nationals, but did we see it? No, we were watching Adam Sandler fart in David Hasselhoff's face.


* ¾ (out of four)
Seen 20 June 2006 at AMC Boston Common #14 (Sneak Preview)

I imagine that there was alcohol or week or some other formulation that makes things seem funnier in use when the idea for Click was hatched, because that's the state where pointing a remote control at someone and thinking about the results of that working is hi-LAR-ious. And then you'll be reminded of something sad, and it will just be really sad, but you'll feel better for getting that out. Unfortunately, most of the audience is going to be watching this sober.

Which is unfortunate, because theaters could really benefit from selling alcohol to the over-21 portion of this film's audience. Put a bar in the back of the theater and suddenly obvious jokes involving the "Pause" and "Fast Forward" buttons might seem really clever. Maybe the last half hour or so of the movie feels poignant. And maybe the irony of spending the last two hours watching a drab, uninspiring movie with the theme of not living one's life on autopilot won't be quite so painful.

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Anonymous said...

Matt, your blog is bananas. I don't know how you manage to fit enough hours into the day to see all of these flicks, but the fact that you spent two hours in a theater watching "Click" just tells me that you love movies, period.

I have no desire to see an Adam Sandler movie not directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, and feel that Kate Beckinsale gave up being an actress some time ago, but thanks for feeling the pain so that not many of us have to.

Keep these reviews coming!