Monday, May 11, 2009

This Week In Tickets: 4 May 2009 to 10 May 2009

Not much in the way of movies this week. I am actually at a loss as to why not. Mainly, I wasn't interested in any of the mainstream stuff coming out aside from Star Trek, and the other days... Huh. Don't know.

This Week In Tickets!

It was an eventful weekend. First, an ugly baseball game. Sometime during the fifth inning I sent my brother a text message saying that the crowd was likely to kill Julio Lugo. Roughly forty balls seemed to go through the hole in the left side, and although my seat wasn't really lined up well, I did spend a little time pondering whether or not I, if I worked up a sufficient berzerker rage, I could dash from my seat, leap onto the field, and injure him enough to get him back on the DL before security stopped me. I'm still not sure it was actually a bad idea.

Sunday afternoon, Matt wound up paying $35 for me to see Star Trek in IMAX. The plan was he pays for tickets, I get the food, but he had a nightmarish morning with the T and didn't have the backup plans worked out to get to Reading. He and Morgan wound up seeing it in 35mm, and I gather he enjoyed it nearly as much as I did.

I did meet him for the Sunday night game; unfortunately, I was in and out of the house to fast to grab something useful like a coat or sweatshirt. It was really cold, although the game itself was pretty exciting.

This weeks SXSW update:

22 April 2009 (Wednesday): The Brothers Bloom
23 April 2009 (Thursday): Children of Invention, The Missing Person
24 April 2009 (Friday): Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, In The Loop, Pontypool
25 April 2009 (Saturday): Still Walking, Nollywood Babylon, Lost Son of Havana, Grace
26 April 2009 (Sunday): Herb and Dorothy, Helen, Unmistaken Child, The Escapist
27 April 2009 (Monday): For the Love of Movies, Art & Copy
28 April 2009 (Tuesday): World's Greatest Dad

Ah, I'll be glad to finish writing these things up. With something like a month before the New York Asian Film Festival, if I opt to do anything there.

Star Trek

* * * ¾ (out of four)
Seen 10 May 2009 at Jordan's Furniture Reading (The IMAX Experience)

I had a big, happy, I feel like I'm ten years old again smile on my face throughout this entire movie. I'm going to spend tomorrow's bus ride writing up why, but I've been spending the last day or so figuring out where they could go next with the series and how much I loved everything about it.

Tokyo SonataSox Lose!Star TrekSox Win!

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