Monday, June 15, 2009

This Week In Tickets: 8 June 2009 to 14 June 2009

Another fairly light week, combining "not a whole lot I want to see" with "there is some good baseball to be watched". The pendulum swings back a little this coming weekend - the Sox are playing NL East also-rans, while Moon, Departures, and Tetro open in Boston, and even the studio product (The Proposal and Year One) looks fairly entertaining. And, as mentioned in the last post, I've got an envelope of stuff from IFC's Midnight program to look through.

This Week In Tickets!

On video: Dead Snow on 13 June 2009.

The baseball game was awesome, exciting from start to finish, although I will admit that after the first few innings I was gritting my teeth that most 1-0 games where the pitchers are throwing strikes don't seem to go that slowly. I was really pulling for Brad Penny and frustrated when the bullpen did the uncharacteristic coughing up of the lead in the 7th; the man was throwing strikes but having his pitch count run up by what seemed like a bunch of hitters who hit tons of foul balls. I also wanted the Sox to win more than usual because there was a play in the 5th (I think) where Ortiz hit a pop-up with two outs, and the team started walking to the dugout before it was actually in Damon's glove. He dropped it, and I think that if Papi had been running hard out of the box, he might have made it to second, since Jeter and Cano were halfway to the dugout already. Yankee arrogance (yes, I'm sure the Sox and every other team does this too, but doesn't it just fit the Yankees' character?)!

There were Yankees fans there, of course, and I'm not sure which I disliked more - the two guys in Jeter jerseys a few rows below me stood after every minor accomplishment and pointed vaguely (it may have been the "we're #1" sign, that's usually more forceful), or the guy three seats to my left who didn't get demonstrative until after his team was ahead. Sure, the other ones were annoying, but they owned their rooting for the enemy.

Not to bag on New York too much, since I'll probably spend a day there this weekend, and maybe the next two, trying to see a few movies at the New York Asian Film Festival. I saw one film there last year, which I loved, and the line-up looks killer. I'm not sure which day I want to go to - I'll limit it to one per weekend, as I don't want to shell out for a hotel room and my last use of a friend's couch upset her roommate. Saturday's a full day of fun stuff, but nothing I want to see as much as the stuff playing Sunday. Of course, Sunday the 20th Century Boys double feature, which I'm very undecided on seeing: On the one hand, it looks great; on the other, it will almost certainly play Fantasia; and on the gripping hand, I'm loving the manga, and do I really want to spoil the next couple years of that? Plus, I'd want to stay late for both, which means I can be wrecked at work on Monday morning or at home on Sunday.

(Fantasia releasing their schedule or line-up would make this so much easier!)

Heh... No sooner do I type that, than I get an email from the festival with announcements. Nothing that simplifies any "what to do in NYC" decisions, but Takashi Miike's Yatterman and Park Chan-wook's Thirst are on the schedule, and that's good to know!
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