Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reminder: Love Exposure tonight.

7pm, Kendall Square Cinemas, opening night of the Boston Underground Film Festival. I won't lie, the festival can be a seriously mixed bag, but this particular four-hour masterpiece from Japan is fantastic.

I know, I lost some of you at "four-hour" and others at "Japan", but there's a reason it's been front-and-center at just about every fest it's played, as opposed to something shunted off to the side: It's damn good. And playing a festival means there's no excuse for not watching it - if it's just on video, or playing a regular engagement, it's easy to say "maybe later", but a one-night festival engagement, you make the time.

My review of it on eFilmCritic. Plus, doesn't it tell you something when someone who already spent four hours watching it last summer is willing (and eager) to do so again?

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