Friday, September 10, 2010

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 10 September - 16 September

And now, we begin four consecutive weeks of me being jealous of friends attending things like the Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest while I remain in Massachusetts, having to settle for clearly lesser fare like the Boston Film Festival and TerrorThon.

  • Fortunately, while the Brattle Theatre's Ned and Ivy are tweeting about what they're seeing up in far-off Canada, there is still a festival atmosphere at the theater. On Monday, the DocYard series continues with Last Train Home, including a Q&A with director Lixin Fan. It's a documentary on the annual migration of Chinese workers between the cities and the country for the New Year's Holiday. Tuesday offers up a preview screening of Jack Goes Boating, with Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Ortiz scheduled to attend. And Thursday has a benefit screening of Dead Man Walking, with the subject of the film, Sister Helen Prejean, in attendance.

    Around all that, the Legacy of Psycho series continues, with Mel Brooks's High Anxiety tonight (Friday); 10pm showings of Friday the 13th, Part 2 tonight and tomorrow; a Saturday double-feature of The Birds and Marnie; a Sunday double feature of Don't Look Now and The Shining; a Tuesday matinee of The Collector (rescheduled from last week); and a Wednesday double-feature of William Castle's Strait-Jacket and Brian De Palma's Dressed to Kill. That last one is two guys who have been clearly influence by Hitchcock, but I think I'll take De Palma over Castle.

  • The Coolidge opens 9500 Liberty in the digital room, although in keeping with the festival atmosphere they've got producer Chris Rigopulos in person for the 7pm shows tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday). The midnights this week are Uncle Buck (tonight and tomorrow) and the venerable The Room (Saturday only). Thursday evening brings a special screening of Absinthe's latest snowboarding film, Now/Here (at least, that's how I'm spelling it. The website has "Nowhere", "NowHere", and "Now Here", but the poster clearly shows the slash).

    Monday gives us a 35th Anniversary screening of Jaws. There have been several of them in the Boston area this year, and there is still time for several more, so if you haven't seen Jaws on the big screen by the end of 2010, you really have only yourself to blame.

  • The sole big mainstream opening appears to be Resident Evil: Afterlife, which also grabs both the real and imitation IMAX screens (well, other than at the Aquarium, where you can catch Inception in IMAX nightly). Somehow, I've managed to avoid seeing all three preceding films, though I bagged the first on Blu-ray on sale figuring it might be worth seeing that much before catching this. It is as yet unwatched. I do have some hope for it, though, as it's shot with 3-D in mind, including using the same sort of rig used for Avatar, and, hey, the series is still in theaters with the fourth installment, when many other franchises would have gone direct-to-video long ago.

    The multiplexes are still trying to fill space, though - AMC Boston Common opens Rob Reiner's grade-school romance Flipped, Entertainment Cinemas Fresh Pond sneaks high-school wrestling drama Legendary in, and both Boston Common and Regal Fenway give half a screen over to Twilight 3, as today apparently coincides with some event from the stories. If that actually gets butts in seats, I am hereby absolutely through with taking any crap for my fandom of anything.

  • Fresh Pond also has two screens devoted to Indian films this weekend. We Are Family (a Bollywood remake of Stepmom playing matinees) and Dabangg (an action/adventure... with songs) are in Hindi with English subtitles; another appears to be in Telugu with no subtitles. If, like me, you find yourself forgetting these, it's good to bookmark this page. After all, there's a crazy Tamil sci-fi thing with Aishwarya Rai coming up, and I'd hate to miss that!

  • At Kendall Square, the one-week-warning is on Bran Nue Dae, a musical romantic comedy from Australia featuring Geoffrey Rush. Also opening are that documentary/probable hoax about Joaquin Phoenix's attempt to become a rapper, I'm Still Here, and what looks like a thrilling Israeli tank film, Lebanon.

    A lot of other stuff is still playing, but note that if you're looking to do a Mesrine double feature, the staggered times are the opposite of what you may need: The first part, Killer Instinct plays at 3:55 and 9:30; the second, Public Enemy Number One, plays at 1pm and 6:35.

  • More Pasolni at the Harvard Film Archive. Note that there are some weird print issues - Monday's "La Ricotta" and behind the scenes film are in Italian with French subtitles (there are, apparently, no English-friendly prints); Saturday's The Rage of Pasolini is only the half he directed followed by "La Ricotta" (again, no English)

  • This weekend at the MFA is all Local Filmakers Present, including Pressure Cooker, How I Killed Mumblecore, and Thy Will Be Done. Many screenings will be preceded by shorts.

Just like in a film festival. The sort I'm not going to this weekend.

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