Friday, January 06, 2012

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 6 January 2012- 12 January 2012

A little bit of motion this week than last. Not much, though.

  • The main opening at the multi/megaplexes this week is The Devil Inside, which has a cast of unknowns doing exorcisms. It very nearly slipped in under the radar almost completely, given the near-complete lack of trailers and reviews I've seen for it. It plays in Somerville, Fresh Pond, Fenway, and Boston Common.

  • Two more interesting films open in Kendall Square. Pariah is an interesting-looking independent film, featuring Adepero Oduye as a black teenager who is starting to realize that she's attracted to other women. It appears to be an expansion of director Dee Rees's short film, and is interesting at least in part because Rees is relatively close in age to her characters, not being long out of college herself.

    The other movie opening is In the Land of Blood and Honey, the feature writing/directing debut of actress Angelina Jolie. It chronicles a Serb and a Bosnian who reunite under the worst circumstances (a prison camp during the war), and with any luck isn't too tacky. Jolie's worked with some talented people; here's hoping she's learned from them, too.

  • On the other side of Cambridge, the Brattle Theatre continues showing The Wages of Fear through Sunday. After the weekend ends, they've got a miniature retrospective on Terrence Malick, showing his four pre-Tree of Life films over four days: A double feature of Days of Heaven and Badlands on Monday the 9th and Tuesday the 10th (and if you're not up for a double feature, they swap screening times, so you can see Badlands at 7:30pm on Monday and Days of Heaven at the same time on Tuesday; invert that for 5:30pm and 9:30pm); The Thin Red Line on Wednesday the 11th, and The New World on Thursday the 12th..

  • Just one night of film at the Regent Theatre this week; Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone plays Wednesday the 11th at 7:30pm as part of their "Sound Cinema" series.

  • The Harvard Film Archive is having its "Members' Weekend", but if you're a member, you probably already know that, and ArtsEmerson doesn't start showing film again for another couple of weeks. Over at the Museum of Fine Arts, it's all about documentaries: Screenings of Paul Goodman Changed My Life continue through Sunday the 8th, while last year's Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner Hell and Back Againstarts on Friday, with screenings on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 11th, and 12th. A somewhat lighter feature, The Klezmatics: On Holy Ground, screens with the support of the Boston Jewish Film Festival on the 11th and 12th, continuing into the next week.

  • The Hindi film opening at Fresh Pond on the 6th is Players, a Hindi action/adventure movie that is apparently a remake of The Italian Job. It's got the Indian-film screen pretty much to itself from Friday to Wednesday, with an unsubtitled Tamil-language film bumping it then.

  • The Coolidge Corner Theatre picks up A Dangerous Method to play in the screening room, with midnight showings of the original Terminator playing on Friday and Saturday on the big screen. The only other notable screen-shifting is War Horse arriving at the Arlington Capitol.

My plans? Well, I haven't seen Young Adult, A Dangerous Method, or We Bought a Zoo yet, so I might go for them. Yikes, it's quiet enough that I may go for Bollywood this week.

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