Thursday, December 27, 2012

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 28 December 2012 - 3 January 2013

The big openings for this weekend were on the 25th, so while there's some catching up to do, there's not a lot of turnover.

  • The most visible opening is Promised Land, where Matt Damon re-teams with Good Will Hunting director Gus Van Sant but has a new writing partner and co-star in John Krasinski. Damon plays a corporate rep looking to buy drilling rights in a small town forced to confront the ethics of the situation. It plays one screen at Boston Common and two at Kendall Square, and will likely be expanding over the next few weeks.

    Boston Common also picks up Not Fade Away, noteworthy for being Sopranos mastermind David Chase's first foray into film since a low-budget 1972 vampire movie. It's a 1960s coming-of-age story about Jersey kids in a rock & roll band.
  • The Brattle finishes 2012 off with the rest of the Gene Kelly Centennial Tribute, which features double features through Sunday: 1948's The Three Musketeers & The Pirate on Friday, Summer Stock & Cover Girl on Saturday (with a 9:30pm late show of Xanadu, his last film), and An Amerian In Paris & Invitation to the Dance on Sunday.

    Other classics ring in the new year. The 31st has a double feature of The Thin Man and its first sequel, After the Thin Man (the latter shown digitally), and if there's a better way to end the moviegoing year than Nick & Nora & Asta, I don't know it. Plus, it's free to First Night buttonholders. On Tuesday the 1st, they have the annual Marx Brothers Marathon, this year including Animal Crackers, Horse Feathers, Room Service, and A Night at the Opera. All 35mm, $20 for a marathon ticket ($15 for members). The week finishes off with The Hurt Locker on Wednesday and Thursday, anticipating the upcoming release of director Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty.
  • The Coolidge continues the same schedule from Christmas - Django Unchained in house #1, Hitchcock and Anna Karenina in house #2, Barbara in the screening room, and A Royal Affair in the MiniMax. They do keep Christmas around with Friday and Saturday midnights of Bad Santa. They also close early on New Year's Eve, with no shows after 9pm.
  • The MFA wraps the December schedule with the end of their series of The Films of Juliette Binoche, with various screenings of Summer Hours, Flight of the Red Balloon, The Lovers on the Bridge, between Friday and Sunday. On Monday, they've got a 45 -minute First Night Short Films Program running during the morning and afternoon, most notably including "Gumdrop", a short co-directed by Kerry Conran, last seen directing Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow way too long ago. Thus far, they haven't put their January film schedule online.
  • The Regent Theatre finishes up their Christmas week Sing-Along screenings of The Sound of Music, with three shows on Friday and one Saturday matinee.
  • The iMovieCafe screen at Fresh Pond continues Dabangg 2, with one or two screenings of Yamudiki Mogudu for those who speak Telugu.
  • Somerville Theatre is back up to five screens with The Slutracker done (aside from one New Year's Eve show), picking up Life of Pi from Arlington.

My plans? Catch-up, plus The Thin Man.

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