Thursday, April 04, 2013

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 5 April - 11 April 2013

Aw, crap. Roger Ebert just died. Go see some great movies and talk about why you loved them with your friends. Or at least fun ones.

  • There does seem to be some potential fun at the multiplexes, with the new Evil Dead (no "The", no Ash) opening on a bunch of screens and promising a gory, legitimately frightening, no-CGI take on Sam Raimi's 1981 horror classic. It's interesting how, though the previews sort of look like all the other recent remakes, they've pushed intensity over the brand while still having Bruce Campbell and company up front saying that it's okay to like this if you liked the original. It plays Somerville, Boston Common, and Fenway (including the RPX screen).

    Not quite going back quite so far is a re-release of Jurassic Park in 3D, hopefully done nice. It's at the Capitol Theatre in Arlington, Fenway (including one 2D matinee daily), the Imax-branded screen at Boston Common, Jordan's Furniture, and Fresh Pond. Boston Common also picks up Free Angela & All Political Prisoners, Shola Lynch's documentary on college professor Angela Davis, a social activist whose membership in the Black Panthers and Communist Party found her linked to a kidnapping attempt and on the FBI's Most Wanted list in the 1970s.
  • The Coolidge Corner Theatre (along with Boston Common and Kendall Square), meanwhile, gets The Place Beyond the Pines, featuring Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper on opposite sides of the law whose confrontation will apparently have lasting effects, with their kids picking things up a generation later. Note that Tuesday's 6:30pm screening is an "Off the Couch" screening, with members of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society hosting and leading discussion afterward.

    There are three midnight movies this weekend, with Natural Born Killers being the Road Trip movie (a theme for their April selections) in the main theater, Tattoo Nation playing upstairs (and also at The Regent Theatre Friday night), and Trash Humpers in the screening room for those who want more Harmony Korine after Spring Breakers (what's wrong with you?). Sunday morning, there's a Talk Cinema screening of Renoir, where the same woman inspires both the famed Impressionist painter and his future-film director son. Monday night's BIg Screen Classic is Robert Mitchum in Charles Laughton's Night of the Hunter, a truly great one.
  • Kendall Square, as mentioned, also gets The Place Beyond the Pines on two screens, as well as three other movies, including a couple from noteworthy filmmakers. Hayao Miyazaki, admittedly, primarily writes From Up On Poppy Hill for son Goro to direct; it's a nostalgic look back at kids trying to save their school's clubhouse in the early 1960s. Looks like decent Ghibli stuff, although I have to wonder - if the theater is all digital now, why isn't the 9:20pm screening in Japanese rather than what sounds like a pretty lifeless dub in the previews.

    Cristian Mungiu, of 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days fame, is the one doing Beyond the Hills, in which a pair of friends who grew up together find themselves heading in different directions - one to the city, another to the convent. And the scheduled one-week booking is Gimme the Loot, a SXSW award-winner about taggers looking to do an amazing caper in the period of a couple days.
  • The Brattle has a quite varied week on hand. The weekend features this year's Schlock Around the Clock, which starts with a double feature of restored prints of Carnival of Souls & Spider Baby (Friday night/Saturday afternoon); Saturday single screenings of the Wonder Woman TV pilot, Phantasm 2, and Drafthouse's Trailer War; a Sunday matinee of The Giant Claw & Earth vs the Flying Saucers; and finally singles of two British icons - the color, 35mm version of Doctor Who and the Daleks with Peter Cushing and the recent excellent Dredd.

    Monday's DocYard screening is Ricky on Leacock, which features both a documentary on influential non-fiction filmmaker Ricky Leacock and a 1994 short film ("A Hole in the Sea") that he directed. The feature's director, Jane Weiner, will be on-hand to discuss. Tuesday evening is a special 10th anniversery double-feature from The 48 Hour Film Project, with family-friendly movies made in two days at 7pm and more grown-up stuff at 9:15. And on Wednesday and Thursday, they get a jump on April Vacation with the start of Muppet Madness - a sing-along screening of The Muppet Movie on Wednesday and a double feature of The Dark Crystal & Labyrinth on Thursday.
  • The Harvard Film Archive has the second half of their Art Theatre Guild retrospective, with Funeral Parade of Roses (Friday 7pm), Dear Summer Sister (Friday 9:30pm), Silence Has No Wings (Saturday 7pm), The Human Bullet (Saturday 9:15pm), Lost Lovers (Sunday 7pm), and Human (Monday 7pm). VES will be screening In the Mood for Love on Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm, free for the public.
  • The MFA's film program wraps up the 12 Annual Turkish Film Festival over the weekend, with screenings of Beyond the Hill, Mahmut & Meryem, Voice of My Father, and Strangers in the House. There are also more screenings of Chinese citizen-journalist documentary High Tech, Low Life (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday), as well as the start of two new series: Roman Polanski's Carnage is the first of four "Hollywood Scriptures" on Wednesday, which also sees the start of The National Center for Jewish FIlm's Jewishfilm.2013, with Numbered and Hannah Arendt on Wednesday and My German Friend on Thursday.
  • ArtsEmerson's film program is sort of a hodgepodge (all on DVD or Blu-ray) this week: Thelma & Louise with a post-screening conversation with Polly Carl on "The End of Feminism" after the Friday evening show (and another show on Saturday night). Chilean film Machucha Friday night, matinees of Moonrise Kingdom on Saturday & Sunday afternoons, and The Battle of Algiers on Saturday evening. The Bright Lights series includes a lecture from Disney executive Kevin Campbell on Tuesday and Far from Afghanistan with two of its directors (john Gianvito and Robb Todd) in person on Thursday.
  • iMovieCafe's screen at Fresh Pond looks to be subtitle-free with again, with Telugu action comedy Baadshah and Tamil/Telugu caper flick Settai.

My plans? Schlocking around the clock, Evil Dead (maybe even hitting up a midnight!), From Up on Poppy Hill, and some other catch-up, plus my first Red Sox game of the year.

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