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This Fall in TV 2013: Sifting through what the networks will inflict upon us this fall

It's weird - I feel like I'm watching less and less TV, but the DVR still fills up pretty darn quickly. Some of it's because a fair chunk of stuff on cable is pretty good - BBC America and FX, especially. Some of it's just because everything I watch is in HD now and takes up more space. Whatever the reason, I'm watching enough attentively to give some thought to how I want it organized. And so, even though I'm a couple years from doing this on Home Theater Forum (memo to self: modernize links on sidebar), I still like doing overviews.

As per usual, the information comes from The Futon Critic. The bolded selections are the things I plan on watching, the italicized ones I'm considering sampling, and comments follow.


07:00 - ABC - American's Funniest Home Videos
07:00 - CBS - 60 Minutes
07:00 - Fox - NFL Overrun
07:00 - NBC - Football Night in America

07:30 - Fox - The OT

08:00 - ABC - Once Upon a Time
08:00 - CBS - The Amazing Race
08:00 - Fox - The Simpsons
08:00 - NBC - Sunday Night Football

08:30 - Fox - Bob's Burgers

09:00 - ABC - Revenge
09:00 - CBS - The Good Wife
09:00 - Fox - Family Guy

09:30 - Fox - American Dad

10:00 - ABC - Betrayal
10:00 - CBS - The Mentalist

* I'm kind of surprised that ABC's not putting SHIELD here, although if Once Upon a Time is doing well enough to rate a spin-off, they might as well not mess with the night. It is kind of strange to see so much stability on one night, especially one so important. Although, with it being the most-watched night of the week, maybe there's just enough audience to go around.


08:00 - ABC - Dancing with the Stars
08:00 - CBS - How I Met Your Mother
08:00 - CW - Hart of Dixie
08:00 - Fox - Bones
08:00 - NBC - The Voice

08:30 - CBS - We Are Men

09:00 - CBS - 2 Broke Girls
09:00 - CW - Beauty and the Beast
09:00 - Fox - Sleepy Hollow

09:30 - CBS - Mom

10:00 - ABC - Castle
10:00 - CBS - Hostages
10:00 - NBC - The Blacklist

* Man, does Sleepy Hollow look dumb. And yet, Fox is apparently giving it a big push.

* Nice cast on We Are Men (Jerry O'Connell, Kal Penn, Tony Shalhoub). A bit worrying that they're all in supporting roles.

* Hostages looks to be the first of a trend of self-contained series popping up this year, set to run 15 episodes, presumably with the idea of turning a lot of the cast over next year, 24-style.

* The Blacklist is described as an "action thriller" starring James Spader as a most-wanted criminal who turns state's evidence. The pilot is directed by Joe Carnahan, so that's got potential.


08:00 - ABC - Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
08:00 - CBS - NCIS
08:00 - CW - The Originals
08:00 - Fox - Dads
08:00 - NBC - The Biggest Loser

08:30 - Fox - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

09:00 - ABC - The Goldbergs
09:00 - CBS - NCIS: Los Angeles
09:00 - CW - Supernatural
09:00 - Fox - New Girl
09:00 - NBC - The Voice results

09:30 - ABC - Trophy Wife
09:30 - Fox - The Mindy Project

10:00 - ABC - Lucky 7
10:00 - CBS - Person of Interest
10:00 - NBC - Chicago Fire

* The very idea that there's something like SHIELD out there seems crazy to me - an in-continuity tie-in to an ongoing movie series? Honestly, the fact that Marvel's cranking out two interconnected superhero movies per year is strange enough. And now this. Go figure.

* I liked Michael Shur's "Fire Joe Morgan" (under the name Ken Tremendous) blog when it was a thing, and enjoy him talking sports, but never got interested in any of his TV work. Brooklyn Nine-Nine might change that; it's got some folks I like, especially Andre Braugher. Trophy Wife has a nice cast too, with Malin Ackerman in the title role and support from Bradley Whitford and Natalie Morales, and since I miss The Middlemen and The Good Guys...

* Hands up, folks who saw Supernatural running nine years, especially considering the showrunner stepped back after they finished the first storyline after five years. ... Hands down, liars.


08:00 - ABC - The Middle
08:00 - CBS - Survivor
08:00 - CW - Arrow
08:00 - Fox - The X Factor
08:00 - NBC - Revolution

08:30 - ABC - Back in the Game

09:00 - ABC - Modern Family
09:00 - CBS - Criminal Minds
09:00 - CW - The Tomorrow People
09:00 - NBC - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

09:30 - ABC - Super Fun Night

10:00 - ABC - Nashville
10:00 - CBS - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
10:00 - NBC - Ironside

* I managed two episodes of Revolution before I couldn't handle the bad science.

* The Tomorrow People could be interesting, although it doesn't appear to have anything to do with the two previous shows with that name. Ironside is obviously a new version of the Raymond Burr series. I'm not a big fan of Blair Underwood, but a new mystery series interests me.


08:00 - ABC - Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
08:00 - CBS - The Big Bang Theory
08:00 - CW - The Vampire Diaries
08:00 - Fox - The X Factor Results
08:00 - NBC - Parks & Recreation

08:30 - CBS - The Millers
08:30 - NBC - Welcome to the Family

09:00 - ABC - Grey's Anatomy
09:00 - CBS - The Crazy Ones
09:00 - CW - Reign
09:00 - Fox - Glee
09:00 - NBC - Sean Saves the World

08:30 - CBS - Two and a Half Men
09:30 - NBC - The Michael J. Fox Show

10:00 - ABC - Scandal
10:00 - CBS - Elementary
10:00 - NBC - Parenthood

* Hey, Elementary has been pretty good! They did a pretty nice job of establishing their version of Holmes & Watson and then bringing in stuff from the canon as the series went on. I'm pleased.

* Aw, I was kind of hoping that Super Clyde, the show with Rupert Grint as a would-be superhero and Stephen Fry as his butler/sidekick, would be paired with The Big Bang Theory. Instead, CBS and NBC split a night of sitcoms with nifty casts: The Crazy Ones has Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar; The Michael J. Fox show is self-explanatory; and The Millers has Will Arnett, Beau Bridges, and Margo Martindale. Selfishly, I kind of hope The Millers and Michael J. Fox are cancelled so that The Americans can have Martindale back and The Good Wife can reclaim Fox.


08:00 - ABC - Last Man Standing
08:00 - CBS - Undercover Boss
08:00 - CW - The Carrie Diaries
08:00 - Fox - Junior Masterchef
08:00 - NBC - Dateline NBC

08:30 - ABC - The Neighbors

09:00 - ABC - Shark Tank
09:00 - CBS - Hawaii Five-0
09:00 - CW - American's Next Top Model
09:00 - Fox - Sleepy Hollow reruns
09:00 - NBC - Grimm

10:00 - ABC - 20/20
10:00 - CBS - Blue Bloods
10:00 -NBC - Dracula

* Junior Masterchef creeps me the heck out. Who the heck wants to expose kids to Gordon Ramsey?


08:00 - ABC - Saturday Night College Football
08:00 - CBS - Repeats (Comedy)
08:00 - Fox - Sports Saturday
08:00 - NBC - Repeats

08:00 - CBS - Repeats (Comedy)

09:00 - CBS - Repeats (Crime)
09:00 - NBC - Repeats

10:00 - CBS - 48 Hours Mystery
10:00 - NBC - Repeats

11:00 - Fox - Animation Domination High-Def

* Animation Domination includes an Axe Cop series. In.

Killer Women
Mind Games
The Quest

* Steve Zahn and Christian Slater is a nice cast in Mind Games; of the rest, Resurrection looks kind of interesting, but it's an ongoing-mystery that will be stretched out forever.

Friends with Better Lives
Intelligence (tentatively Monday 10pm)
Mike & Molly

* CBS isn't cool, but you don't have to be when people just keep watching.

Famous in 12
The 100

* Apparently, Nikita is coming back because the head of the CW figures it's worth giving a show that lasted a few years a short season to wrap things up as long as they're still programming Fridays. I guess that can help build some brand loyalty.

* Two youth-oriented sci-fi series in The 100 and Star-Crossed, which is interesting, as the thing they're most likely to replace is The Tomorrow People. If at first you don't succeed...

Almost Human (tentatively Monday 8pm)
American Idol (tentatively Wednesday & Thursday 8pm)
Enlisted (tentatively Friday 9:30pm)
The Following (tentatively Monday 9pm)
Gang Related
Murder Police
Raising Hope (tentatively Friday 9pm)
Rake (tentatively Thursday 9pm)
Surviving Jack
Us & Them
Wayward Pines

* Fox has some of the moves planned as "late fall" - Almost Human bumping Bones to Friday, where it will be joined by Raising Hope and Enlisted. So, no blaming baseball when the expensive sci-fi series with a nice pedigree (the Fringe crew, director Brad Anderson) doesn't happen.

* They're also apparently considering the full-year season again (something they did a lot of in their early years) - Gang Related, Wayward Pines, and the return of 24 are all being planned to start in early May and run into the summer. Interested in all of them - 24 will apparently be real-time but skipping hours, Gang Related is directed by Allen Hughes with a neat cast, and Wayward Pines is coming from M. Night Shamalayn, who still interests me.

* Us & Them is Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel, and this sounds like a nifty pairing.

About a Boy (tentatively Tuesday 9pm)
American Dream Builders (tentatively Sunday 8pm)
Believe (tentatively Sunday 9pm)
Celebrity Apprentice (?)
Chicago PD
Crisis (tentatively Sunday 10pm)
Crossbones (tentatively Friday 10pm)
The Family Guide (tentatively Tuesday 9:30pm)
Food Fighters
Hannibal (?)
The Million Second Quiz
The Night Shift
Saturday Night Live repeats (tentatively Saturday 10pm)
The Sing-Off

* Good lord, but is NBC a mess - they haven't decided whether to bring a couple shows back, they've got a bunch of unscripted shows coming, and almost as many interesting pilots with interesting people. Still, it looks like an almost-complete relaunch after football and the Olympics.

* Believe comes from J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron, with Cuaron actually writing and directing the pilot, so... Yeah, I'll take a look at a show from the guy behind Children of Men and Gravity. A super-powered 10-year-old girl in the lead is at least an unusual hook, too.

* Crisis is going to be self-contained, right? Anyway, it's got a very nice cast and Phillip Noyce on the pilot.

* Crossbones is John Malkovich as Blackbeard. Sounds insane, but I will take it.

So, it looks like I'll still have a fair amount of time to see movies, although there are enough interesting things coming to keep one's eye out for.

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