Monday, September 08, 2014

This Week In Tickets: 1 September 2014 - 7 September 2014

Why, yes, that ticket was in my pants when I did the laundry.

This Week in Tickets

Weirdly busy week at work, with a burst of stuff that needs to get done at the end of the day, pushing my exit from work late enough that I couldn't catch what I was planning on. Kind of frustrating, but it's what gets me paid, and I got out early enough to see Cantinflas on Thursday. Interesting timing, the same time of year as Instructions not Included last year. Same kind of accessible bilingual release, and entertaining enough.

Friday night was baseball night, and I'd like to dress it up as a microcosm of the Red Sox season, except that they won, eveni f it did take a disaster inning on the part of Blue Jays reliever Casey Janssen. It is still rather satisfying to witness a walk-off win when everybody else has bailed, though.

After that, I spent much of the weekend sitting on the deck, working on getting Fantasia reviews done while listening either to baseball or the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. For evening shows, I caught Mary Kom on Saturday and Innocence on Sunday, finding both flawed, but still fairly interesting.

CantinflasUnexpected Walk-OffMary KomInnocence

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