Friday, June 10, 2016

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 10 June 2016 - 16 June 2016

On the one hand, not really an exciting crop this weekend. On the other, just a month until Fantasia! Oh, and Dave does get to use the big film at the Somerville this week.

  • Still, I'm rooting for Warcraft; I've got no attachment to the game or sword & sorcery stuff in general, but director Duncan Jones does and who doesn't want to see the guy behind Moon and Source Code do something great with a big Imax 3D budget? It's at the Capitol (2D only), Apple Fresh Pond (2D only), Jordan's Furniture (Imax 3D), Boston Common (including Imax 3D), Assembly Row (including Imax 3D), Fenway, and Revere (including MX4D and XPlus).

    A couple of sequels also open. The Conjuring 2 has director James Wan bring back Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as two of the world's most famous real-life paranormal investigators, this time chronicling one of their best-known cases, a possession in the London suburbs. It's at Apple Fresh Pond, the Embassy, Boston Common, Assembly Row, Fenway (including RPX), Revere, and the SuperLux. Now You See Me 2, which for some reason I can't fathom is not called "Now You Don't", reunites most of the cast from the original movie (the women, apparently, are replaceable, which is really not cool) for a new heist spearheaded by a tech billionaire played by Daniel Radcliffe, and incidentally torpedoing my theory that Mark Ruffalo's character killed everybody offscreen at the end of the last one. It's at the Somerville, Apple Fresh Pond, the Embassy, Boston Common, Assembly Row, Fenway, Revere, and the SuperLux.

    Boston Common will be having a couple screenings of the Michael Mann-directed Ali biopic starring Will Smith per day, with the original Ghostbusters playing there and at Assembly Row on Sunday. They keep The Wailing around for evening shows, and it should probably be noted that they seem to have moved their Saturday night Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings up to 11pm from midnight (it also runs at midnight on Friday at Apple Fresh Pond; different shadow cast, though).
  • Kendall Square has a pretty terrific re-issue for their one-week booking with The Fallen Idol, which Carol Reed and Graham Greene worked on before The Third Man in which the son of an ambassador who idolizes the embassy butler discovering that he may not be as perfect as thought.

    They also open Dheepan, the newest from Rust and Bone and A Prophet director Jacques Audiard, in which a Sri Lankan soldiers forms a makeshift family with two other refugees to get to Paris, only to find that he may not have left violence behind.
  • IFFBoston selection Weiner expands to The Coolidge Corner Theatre, which also continues a month of Midnight Kung Fu with The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter on 35mm Friday & Saturday nights (there were demonstrations before Saturday's show last week; don't know if that pattern continues this week). They also invite the audience to set aside an evening for Lawrence of Arabia, Monday night's "Big Screen Classic", Open Screen on Tuesday, and a "Rewind!" presentation of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure on Saturday.
  • Apple Cinemas Fresh Pond has a Bollywood thriller by the name of Te3n, and no, I've got no idea how to pronounce that. It's got the ubiquitous Amitabh Bachchan as a man who teams up with a detective and a priest to search for a missing child whose disappearance is like that of his granddaughter eight years earlier. No subs listed for Tamil action/adventure/romantic comedy Okka Ammayi Thappa, Telugu romance A Aa, Saturday's Marathi romance Sairat, or Sunday's Bengali comedy Peace Haven; subtitled Bollywood comedy Housefull 3 is back on the schedule from Monday.
  • It's Prime Noir of the 1950s week at The Brattle Theatre, so celebrate! It's mostly 35mm, too - In a Lonely Place on Friday, Sunset Boulevard & Macao on Saturday (sadly, the print for His Kind of Women was not in good condition), a matinee of Sweet Smell of Success and then a double feature of Kansas City Confidential & Touch of Evil (DCP, not sure which versioni) on Sunday, The Big Heat & The Big Combo on Monday, Odds Against Tomorrow & The Crimson Kimono on Tuesday, The Asphault Jungle & The Killing on Wednesday, and a DCP pairing of Night and the City & Pickup on South Street on Thursday. They also have a 35mm print of Beyond the Black Rainbow at 11:30pm on Friday, which is very cool - funky movie and new/indie enough (I first saw it at Fantasia in 2011) that I'm kind of surprised there even are prints!
  • All Robert Aldrich all the time at The Harvard Film Archive, this week with The Longest Yard (Friday & Monday at 7pm), Big Leagure (Friday 9:30pm), Ulzana's Raid (Saturday 7pm), Apache (Friday 9pm), the 1951 remake of M where he was an assistant director (Sunday 5pm), and Flight of the Phoenix (Sunday 7pm). The last one is DCP, the rest are all 35mm.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts continues Neon Bull and Aferim!, with both showing (separately) on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, and next Friday. On Wednesday, they have three Juneteenth Shorts programs which serve as a bit of a preview of next weeks Roxbury International Fim Festival.
  • IFFBoston has a preview screening of Noah Baumbach's & Jake Paltrow's documentary De Palma at The Somerville Theatre on Thursday, and to get ready for that, they'll also be showing a couple of director Brian De Palma's best known movies on film: The Untouchable plays on 70mm Monday, and Scarface on 35mm Tuesday (the Wednesday screening of Bonfire of the Vanities had to be cancelled, though. Over at The Capitol, Atom Egoyan's Remember opens after hanging around The West Newton Cinema for a while (heck, it's still showing early shows on the weekend), and there's also a Throwback Thursday double feature of Lethal Weapon and Road House on the 16th.
  • Joe's Boston Free Films has outdoor series starting this weekend with Dirty Dancing at the Harbor Hotel Friday night.
My plans include a bunch of noir, Untouchables, The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, The Fallen Idol, and maybe Dheepan, Warcraft, and/or Now You See Me 2.

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