Friday, August 05, 2016

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 5 August 2016 - 11 August 2016

Sorry for skipping these the last few weeks. Montreal's been busy and awesome but it's going to be kind of nice to be home and, well, watching that set of movies.

  • I'll be back just in time for Suicide Squad to grab the big 3D screens, and, man, as a DC fan I'm kind of excited about David Ayer on this property and wondering if this is really what they want to go with after Batman v Superman didn't impress. Still, Margot Robbie looks like fun as Harley Quinn and Will Smith is Deadshot, so who knows. It's at the Somerville (2D only), Apple Fresh Pond, Jordan's (Imax 3D), the Embassy, Boston Common (including Imax 3D), Assembly Row (including Imax 3D), Fenway (including RPX 2D/3D), Revere (including XPlus & MX4D), and the SuperLux.

    For the younger set, there's Nine Lives, with Kevin Spacey as one of those workaholic dads who needs to be taught a lesson so he somehow gets magically turned into a cat adopted by his daughter. I guess it's kind of nice to see Barry Sonnenfeld directing a feature, but, wow, somehow that's only at the Capitol, Apple Fresh Pond, Boston Common, and Revere.
  • Two foreign-language holdovers at Boston Common worth mentioning: League of Gods is a bonkers action-fantasy from Hong Kong (but in Mandarin, because the Chinese market demands it) with Jet Li, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Fan Bingbing, Angelababy, and a ton of special effects. Down to one morning show a day, but does have to be seen to believed. They also keep the terrific South Korean zombie movie Train to Busan around, and it's one of the best action-horror types you'll see this year. On Wednesday, they open the Chinese version of My Best Friend's Wedding, with Shu Qi in the Julia Roberts role, and, sure, that works. The Indian films at Apple Cinemas Fresh Pond are both apparently-unsubtitled Telugu, Manamantha and #Pellichoopulu, with Malayalam Vismayam on Saturday afternoon.
  • The Coolidge Corner Theatre is one of a number of places opening Indignation, the first feature directed by long-time Ang Lee collaborator James Schamus, featuring Logan Lerman as a Jewish student at a very conservative college in the 1950s. It also opens at the Kendall and The West Newton Cinema.

    The midnight on Friday and Saturday begins a month of creature features co-presented by the Boston Yeti with Razorback, a cult favorite bit of Ozploitation from Russell Mulcahy on 35mm. They also use the film projectors on Monday for a "Cinema Jukebox" presentation of The Last Waltz and on Thursday for a "Rewind!" screening of Bring It On!, complete with cheerleading pre-show and after-party at Osaka. In between, they and the good folks at Boston Light & Sound will be bringing a film rig to the Greenway so that they can show The Creature from the Black Lagoon in old-fashioned anaglyph 3D.
  • Kendall Square are the first in the area to get Don't Think Twice (it's scheduled to hit the Coolidge next week), much-liked at IFFBoston with writer/director Mike Birbiglia part of a fun ensemble with Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, and more, as members of a New York improv troupe potentially torn apart when a position opens up on Not Saturday Night Live (Wink, Wink). They also get Gleason, a documentary about a former NFL player who gets the near-simultaneous news that he's got ALS and his wife is expecting their first child.

    They also have the first of three Rurouni Kenshin movies at 7pm on Monday (called "Rurouni Kenshin: Origins" here), and it's worth checking out; they were highlights of the last three Fantasia Festivals and not waiting a year between them will probably be cool.
  • The Brattle Theatre gives much of the weekend to Kalli Blues, in which a doctor from a small town in China goes on a journey to find a lost family member that becomes stranger and more surreal than he expected. It plays Friday through Monday.

    Around that, they have quality stuff from the vertical schedule, with a Saturday matinee of A Cat in Paris and a 35mm print of City Hunter as part of "Reel Weird Brattle Starring Jackie Chan" late Saturday and early Sunday. The Film Noir Femmes Fatales series continues with a double feature of Lizbeth Scott in Dead Recoking (35mm) and the recently-rediscovered Too Late for Tears, with matinees Monday and a full schedule Tuesday. Wednesday's "Under the Influence" pairing is Karyn Kusama's interesting The Invitation and the fantastic original version of Let the Right One In on 35mm. Finally, Thursday's "Kids International" show is Boy and the World.
  • The Somerville Theatre wraps up their "Midnight Specials" series on Saturday night with a 35mm print of Super Troopers, but they're only halway through "Play It Cool" on Thursday nights, and the first one I can make is great, a 35mm double feature of Get Carter with Michael Caine and Point Blank with Lee Marvin. Both have been remade, but these are legit classics.
  • The Harvard Film Archive continues to showcase two filmmakers this summer. Theo Angelopoulos is represented with The Suspended Step of the Stork (Friday 7pm) and The Hunters (Saturday 7pm), both on 35mm . Robert Aldrich is showcased with The Angry Hills (Friday 9:45pm on 35mm), The Frisco Kid (Sunday 4pm on digital video), Emperor of the North (Sunday 7pm on DCP), and Verz Cruz (Monday 7pm on 35mm).
  • The Museum of Fine Arts concludes a run of two films: Nuts!, an animated documentary on how goat testicles were sold as impotence cures during the depression, plays Friday and Saturday, as does a holdover from the French Film Festival, The Measure of a Man. On Sunday, they begin a nice-looking "Rescued/Restored" series with Rififi, which also plays Thursday when it hands the baton to Akira Kurosawa's Ran.
  • Aside from the Coolidge's event Joe's Boston Free Films shows outdoor screenings for plenty, with The Good Dinosaur having multiple screenings and Cinema Somerville having the most unusual entry with a 1952 version of Jack and the Beanstalk starring Abbott & Costello.

My plans... Well, I'll probably see Suicide Squad, because I'm a sucker, though I don't know on which side of the border. We'll see how alert I am for City Hunter Sunday afternoon, and then there's noir on Tuesday, catch-up for Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Our Little Sister (and, yeah, Jason Bourne), and the Play it Cool double shot.

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