Saturday, January 14, 2017

This Week In Tickets: 2 January 2016 - 8 January 2016

Let's try this again in the new year, after not really making it into February in 2016.

This Week in Tickets

Stubless: Beyond the Gates, 5 January 2017 in my living room.

So, yeah, things got away from me last year, which means I'm going to be following a few more rules to make sure things get done and the process is enjoyable. Number one: When I start falling a week or two behind, I'm accepting that I can't keep up, and not writing stuff up in full. Number two: I'm trying to see and write far less out of "well, someone on the site has to" obligation than before. If eFilmCritic doesn't have a review of a new release, or I can't keep up with a festival schedule, it's okay. I'll post something every day or two, and spend less time worrying about how to get all 70+ movies I see at Fantasia written up.

That said - I do want EFC to cover as much as it can, and encourage anyone who would like to write for it to submit a sample. There's no money, and that ancient-looking page is kind of indicative of what you're looking at behind the scenes, but it probably gets you more hits than your (or my) blog and is pretty helpful in getting credentialed for festivals.

So, okay, how was that first week?

Well, okay, it didn't start off well. La La Land is a pretty decent movie, but I got pretty nauseous for unrelated reasons during the screening and wound up puking twice on the way home. I felt ill enough to work from home the next day, and then instead of going out decided to catch up with Beyond the Gates on demand the next night. I'd conked out while watching it at Monster Fest but kind of liked what I saw enough to give it a second chance.

Feeling better on Friday, I checked out the new Jackie Chan movie, Railroad Tigers, finding it somewhat disappointing, but then being pleasantly surprised that Master, intially only listed as playing at 10am, had a full slate of showtimes. It turned out to be pretty decent, and has a heck of a good Korean cast.

And that was it; I had a lazy Sunday reading piled-up comics and emptying the DVR. There will come a point this year when I'm seeing and writing about movies constantly, but not just yet.

La La Land
Beyond the Gates
Railroad Tigers

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