Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 26 March 2018 - 5 April 2018

I guess opening a movie a day or two early on Easter weekend is a thing this year? Do a lot of people have Ash Wednesday or the day after off? Doesn't seem like it's been a thing in the past.

  • Wednesday's opening is Isle of Dogs, which will open wider in a week or two, but for now The Coolidge Corner Theatre, Kendall Square, Boston Common, and Fenway get the new animated film from Wes Anderson, which looks like it brings out both his best (fun stop-motion design and a great cast!) and his worst (it looks twee and appropriational as heck!). The Coolidge and Kendall also open Foxtrot, an Israeli drama about a dysfunctional family coping when something happens during the son's military service; the Coolidge also finds a screen for Itzhak.

    The Coolidge finishes their March Francophone Film Festival on Thursday the 29th with a night of short films from France, Belgium, and Quebec. Over the weekend, they go with the classics for their midnights - a 35mm print of Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator on Friday and one of Sam Raimi's original The Evil Dead on Saturday night. On Wednesday.the 4th, they have the "Wide Lens" screening of Get Out with post-film discussion that was cancelled due to snow a couple weeks ago,and then on Thursday the 5th, they have a "Sounds of Silents" screening of Harold Lloyd's Speedy, accompanied by Marty Marks of the MIT Music & Theater Arts program.
  • The new Spielberg film opens on Thursday, and though you'd think virtual reality adventure Ready Player One would be the film the would be a natural match for digital 3D, but when The Somerville Theatre convinces Warner Brothers to cough up a 70mm print (as well as a 2D DCP), you make sure you catch it there for one of the nine days they have the big film. It also plays at Fresh Pond (2D only), Jordan's Furniture (Imax 2D/3D), the Belmont Studio (2D only), the Embassy, Boston Common (including Imax 3D), Fenway (including RPX), the Seaport (including Icon-X), South Bay (including Imax 3D & Dolby Cinema), Assembly Row (including Imax 3D), Revere (including XPlus & MX4D), and the SuperLux (2D only).

    The Friday openings are a little sketchier as of Tuesday, but it looks like Acrimony, a thriller written and directed by Tyler Perry starring Taraji P. Henson as a woman who learns her husband (Lyriq Bent) is cheating on her and takes some extreme measures, is opening at Boston Common, Fenway, Assembly Row, and Revere. Revere also opens God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness, the third in a series of Christian persecution fantasies. Boston Common brings back The Greatest Showman for more sing-along screenings, as well as a special double feature of Peter Rabbit & Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

    Fenway and Revere have dubbed screenings of Ponyo on Wednesday (dubbed). They also get Best F(r)iends, which reunites Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero of The Room, with Fenway playing it Friday and both playing in on Monday. Fenway also has Boston, a documentary about the marathon, on Monday evening, and documentary Eating You Alive on Thursday the 5th.
  • The Brattle Theatre plays host to director Jennifer Brea and a few other guests for a screening of Brea's documentary on her own sleep disorder, Unrest, on Wednesday, while the ReelAbilities Film Festival Boston has screenings of Thank You for Your Service at the Revere Showcase, Swim Team at Lexington's Cotting School, and the RealLove shorts program at the Coolidge that day before wrapping up at the Brattle with Off the Rails on Thursday.

    While that festival has its closing night, Wicked Queer, the Boston LGBT film festival, will be having its opening night at the MFA with director Mikko Makela presenting his film A Moment in the Reeds. The festival will have shows at the Brattle, the MFA, and ArtsEmerson's Paramount Theater all week, including two free Bright Lights shows: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women on Tuesday and BPM: Beats per Minute on Thursday the 5th (they'll also be showing Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri as part of Bright Lights but not Wicked Queer on Thursday the 29th).
  • In addition to the other films Kendall Square picks up this week, they also open The China Hustle, a documentary on how the massive investments being made in China may be poised to make scant returns, if any. They will also have a special one-night-only show of New Chefs on the Block on Wednesday the 4th, with one of the documentary's subjects, restaurateur Nancy Cushman, there for a Q&A. And, on top of that, the Landmark Theaters chain to which they and the Embassy in Waltham belong apparently just signed a deal to accept MoviePass!
  • The Harvard Film Archive continues to show the recent films of Hong Sang-soo, presenting Hill of Freedom on Friday, Our Sunhi on Sunday, and On the Beach at Night Alone on Monday. They also have more Wim Wenders's The American Friend on Friday, and Mr. Wenders himself will be delivering one of his Norton Lectures at the Sanders Theater on Monday afternoon (tickets are free and available the day of the lecture). This month's "Cinema of Resistance" presentation is on Saturday, with director Lee Anne Schmitt appearing with her film Purge This Land.
  • In addition to their Wicked Queer programming, The Museum of Fine Arts continues their 17th Annual Boston Turkish Film Festival with Murtaza (Wednesday the 30th), Nublu: Music of Now (Friday), Sour Apples (Friday), Rosso Istanbul (Saturday), The Smell of Money (Saturday/Sunday with director Ahmet Boyacıoğlu in person both days), In the Fade (Saturday/Wednesday), the short film winners (Sunday),
  • The Capitol in Arlington starts their spring/summer "Throwback Thursdays" program on the 29th with The Godfather, and from a tweet earlier, they will have cannoli at the concession stand to go with it. They pick up The Leisure Seeker the next night.
  • Belmont World Film continues their Monday screenings at Studio Cinema with All the Dreams in the World, with director Laurence Ferreira Barbosa on hand to discuss his film about a Portuguese family that has recently emigrated to France.
  • The Regent Theatre has three film events over the next week-plus: The No Man's Land Film Festival, a female-focused set of adventure film shorts, plays on Wednesday the 28th, followed the next night by Tempest Storm, a documentary about the famous burlesque performer that will include a Q&A with Harvey Robbins, Ms. Storm's manager. They also have the local premiere of neo-noir Los Angeles Overnight on Wednesday the 4th.
  • Apple Fresh Pond continue subtitled Hindi shows of Hichki and Telugu shows of Rajaratha. They also have a single screening of documentary American Circumcision on the evening of Wednesday the 4th.
  • The Salem Film Fest finishes its run at CinemaSalem on Thursday. That's on the main screen; the screening room has Charlotte Rampling in Hannah on Wednesday and Thursday and then Sophie Turner in indie thriller Josie starting on Friday.
As a sucker for big Spielberg fantasy-adventures, I may be down for Ready Player One in multiple formats, as well as Isle of Dogs and whatever else I've fallen behind on.

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