Thursday, May 31, 2018

This Week In Tickets: 21 May 2018 - 27 May 2018

It may push bedtime back an hour or two, but I'm getting "This Week" up before "Next Week". What can I say, sometimes you just have a lot of Star Wars opinions to get out.

This Week in Tickets

First up this week was Raazi, a distinctly Indian spy thriller that starts slow but really picks up around the intermission mark. Ultimately, it winds up being pretty nifty, even if it lays the patriotic stuff on pretty thick for a genre where you tend to see more ambiguity.

It was the sort of big summer week where you can not just leave the week open, but catch some sports because one or two things are going to be grabbing all the screens. With a holiday coming up, we were let out of work early on Friday, which meant no trouble getting from Burlington to Fenway in time for a fun romp over the Braves, the sort where J.D. Martinez ties Mookie Betts for the league lead in homers but Mookie pulls back ahead, and Xander & Mitch Moreland hit one at well. Plus a JBJ triple, getting him out of the funk.

Saturday was a Memorial Day Weekend miracle, as I was able to get to Jordan's on two buses (technically three, as the 136 out becomes the 137 in and the 137 is the one that passes the furniture store) with time to spare. That never happens, and it might not have if I'd just checked the MBTA's website, which had me using three or four buses and the subway, while Google just said to take the 101 to Malden. I'm glad all that worked out, because Solo: A Star Wars Story demands to be seen well-projected, and Jordan's in Reading is probably the only place in the area I'd trust with a 3D show, between the laser projection and active-shutter glasses. I then got lucky, transit-wise, on the back end, just making the 137 and able to switch to the Orange Line. I somewhat appropratiely got off that train at the Chinatown stop and was able to slide into the Boston Common theater for How Long Will I Love U. Cute enough, but not so clever as I'd hoped.

I didn't originally order tickets for Sunday's ballgame before the start of the season, but when the Red Sox announced there would be a three-inning "alumni game" before the main one... Sure, I'll spend a little cash on a good seat for that. It was sloppy, but fun, and as a fan, how many chances to you get to see Pedro Martinez, Bill Lee, Oil Can Boyd, Mike Greenwell, Sam Horn, Wade Boggs, and a ton more play in the same game? Not many! That was kind of all the star power we were going to get, though, as the lineup for the main game lacked Betts and Martinez, and this team is not quite so fun without them. On top of that, Chris Sale had the rare bad game, it was chilly and windy, and the Red Sox lost 7-1. At least it didn't last that long, and I was able to make a quick trip up the Green Line to catch On Chesil Beah. Not bad, but I'm kind of glad I didn't spend a festival slot on it, you know?

Ah, well. Time to get started on the "Next Week" post and figure out what's going to be the next entry on my Letterboxd page.

Sox beat Braves
Braves beat Sox
On Chesil Beach
Solo: A Star Wars Story
How Long Will I Love U

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