Friday, July 26, 2019

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 26 July 2019 - 1 August 2019

Another week in Montreal, another week that the studios are obliging by not really throwing too much new out there.

  • This week's sole wide release is Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, the latest epic from Quentin Tarantino, with Leonardo DiCaprio as a fading actor and Brad Pitt as his stuntman, whose paths cross with Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie) and the Manson Family. The Coolidge and the Somerville have it on 35mm film, with digital screenings at the Somerville, Fresh Pond, Boston Common, West Newton, Fenway, the Seaport, South Bay, Assembly Row, the Embassy, Revere, and the SuperLux.

    The monthly GKids/Fathom Studio Ghibli film is Kiki's Delivery Service, which plays Boston Common, Fenway, South Bay, and Revere on Sunday (dubbed), Monday (subtitled), and Wednesday (dubbed, not at Revere), with afternoon and evening shows of The Muppet Movie filling the gap at Fenway, South Bay, and Revere on Tuesday.
  • Kendall Square and Boston Common open Sea of Shadows, a National Geographic film that follows the quest to save one of the most endangered cetaceans in the world as their ecosystem is over-fished by a group tied to Chinese smugglers and Mexican drug cartels; the trailer looks as much like a thriller as a documentary. The Kendall also has Three Peaks opening with limited showtimes; that one features Berenice Bejo as a mother whose son has not yet accepted her boyfriend, leading to a dangerous situation during a vacation in Italian mountain country. There's also a free GlobeDocs preview of One Child Nation, which I rather liked at IFFBoston, with director Jialing Zhang, author Susan Greenhalgh, and Boston Globe film critic Loren King on hand.
  • The Brattle Theatre is playing Asako I & II, a nifty little film about a young woman who, after her boyfriend ghosts her, meets another man with the same face but a completely different personality, Friday to Sunday, with Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits playing 11:30am and 9:30pm screenings.

    They haven't left themselves a lot of time for the traditional vertical rep calendar this summer, but we start to see that this week. Monday has a free Elements of Cinema screening of Modern Times early in the evening, and a special presentation of Ugandan "Wakaliwood" action picture Bad Black later. On Tuesday, they kick off a "Noirversary!" program with a 35mm print of Double Indemnity, while Wednesday is a Boston Jewish Film Summer Cinematheque show of Give Me Liberty. Thursday is the start of the "Reel Music" series, with separate-admission screenings of Chet's Last Call: A Story of Rock & Redemption and Rock'n'Roll High School.
  • Apple Fresh Pond opens Bollywood comedy Judgementall Hai Kya, which stars Kangana Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao as a couple who each have difficulty differentiating between reality and illusion. They also get Dear Comrade, with Vijay Deverakonda as a student union leader getting mixed up in some sort of action/adventure, and Hindi crime comedy Arjun Patiala. Bengali film Girlfriend plays Saturday afternoon, and Super 30 continues to hang around.

    The Chinese movie at Boston Common this week is Dancing Elephant, which is apparently about a girl who fell into a coma while studying ballet at the age of 13 and wakes up 15 years later, not only entering the adult world with the mind of a junior-high student but weighing 270 pounds due to all that inactivity, though she still intends to become a dancer with the help of her old friends. Yikes.
  • The Coolidge Corner Theatre has more of the living dead at midnight this weekend, with 28 Days Later on Friday and the remake of Dawn of the Dead on Saturday, both on 35mm film. They also continue their Summer of '69 series with Midnight Cowboy on Thursday night.
  • There's more of The Complete Howard Hawks on 35mm at The Harvard Film Archive this weekend, with Rio Bravo on Friday, the contrasting High Noon (on DCP) at 7pm Saturday, Ceiling Zero at 9pm Saturday, The Dawn Patrol at 5pm Sunday, El Dorado at 7pm Sunday, and Fig Leaves with accompaniment by Robert Humphreville on Monday.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts finishes their French Film Festival with A Man in a Hurry (Friday), A Faithful Man (Friday), Coincoin and the Extra-Humans (Friday), In Safe Hands (Saturday), An Impossible Love (Saturday), Wild (Saturday), Last Year at Marienbad (Sunday), Naked Normandy (Sunday), and I Feel Good (Sunday). On Thursday they kick off the August calendar (and "Space Exploration on Film" series) with a matinee of Forbidden Planet, and a special free screening of Dawnland (RSVP required) featuring both the filmmaker and two participants to help illuminate its story of Maine's Truth and Reconciliation Commission on how their child welfare programs have hurt native people there.
  • The ICA will let you see Solange Knowles's "When I Get Home" on Sunday afternoon if you have a ticket to the museum.
  • The Somerville Theatre mostly uses the big 35mm screen for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but they have a Saturday midnight special of Galaxy Quest on film.
  • Aeronaut Brewery has apparently been having a "Summer Concert Film Series"; you can catch Stop Making Sense there at 8pm or 10pm on Saturday.
  • The Museum of Science has a super-abbreviated movie portion of "Summer Thursdays" this year, with just two Summer Slashers, with Friday the 13th (apparently the original) playing on the 1st. They've also recently added "Great Bear Rainforest" to their rotation of Imax films, with the New England Aquarium adding "Australia's Great Wild North: The Wildest Place You've Never Seen" to theirs.
  • Cinema Salem has IFFBoston alum Sword of Trust in their screening room this week, with special showings of indie horror Trespassers at 9pm Friday & Saturday. The Luna Theater shows Late Night on Friday,Saturday, and Tuesday evenings, documentaries Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am and The Quiet One Saturday afternoon, and Scream on Sunday, along with the usual Sunday morning and Wednesday night surprises.
  • Bumblebee seems to be the most popular outdoor showing per Joe's Free Films this week.

In Montreal, plenty of things to see, and I am trying not to be tempted by the German movie about people trying to escape the DDR via hot-air balloon that apparently is only playing Canada.

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