Friday, January 28, 2022

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 28 January 2021 - 3 February 2022

Oof, it's not like studios knew we'd be getting a winter storm this weekend before creating this big ol' slate of nothing. That changes next week, but I guess it's reason to stay in, what with everything.
  • Jockey opens at Landmark Theatre Kendall Square, featuring Clifton Collins Jr. in the title role, although he's aging out of that job and confronted with a man who claims to be his son on the way to trying to win one last title.

    They also get the new Woody Allen film, Rifkin's Festival, while the folks at the Embassy add Flee and the black & white Nightmare Alley (also opening at Fenway and South Bay). Both locations will be closed Saturday.
  • Documentary GameStop: Rise of the Players has the team behind Console Wars examining the recent events where a bunch of amateur investors bought into the chain of video game pawnshops (I kid!) to bleed the hedge funds that were looking to profit on its collapse. It opens at Boston Common and Assembly Row. Note that those are AMC theaters, who may have a vested interest in this sort of thing!

    Peter Jackson and company have pulled the rooftop concert out of The Beatles: Get Back for a feature-length event, which plays Sunday afternoon in Imax at Boston Common and Assembly Row. Another Concert documentary, New Worlds: The Cradle of Civilization features Bill Murray, cellist Jan Vogler, violinist Mira Wang, and pianist Vanessa Perez in concert at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, with Murray apparently singing and reciting poetry. That's at Kendall Square and Fenway. There are also Imax showtimes for Dune at Boston Common and South Bay, with Dolby Cinema shows of Belfast at the Common (both matinees).

    The Thursday night previews of Jackass Forever at Boston Common, Fenway, South Bay, and Assembly Row indicate "bonus content" while Arsenal Yards and Chestnut Hill list it as "Fan Appreciation Night".
  • The Brattle Theatre continues "Some of the Best of 2021", with Titane (Friday), The Power of the Dog (Sunday), Saint Maud (Sunday late), The Green Knight (Monday), El Planeta (Tuesday), Shiva Baby (Tuesday), and Summer of Soul (Thursday). They're also the local spot for the one-night screening of music doc Poly Styrene: I Am a ClichĂ© on Wednesday.
  • Apple Fresh Pond opens Telugu drama Good Luck Sakhi, with Keerthy Suresh as a woman apparently jinxed to the point where her fiancĂ© dies in an accident before her wedding who trains to become a competition sharpshooter, which sounds kind of ill-advised. They also keep Bollywood drama '83 around.

    Mamoru Hosoda anime Belle continues to play the Somerville, Fresh Pond, Boston Common, Fenway, Assembly Row, and Arsenal Yards. Check listings for when/where it's dubbed versus subtitled versions.

    Russian comedy Swingers plays Fenway again on Sunday afternoon.
  • No new releases at The Coolidge Corner Theatre this weekend, but they have a fair amount of special presentations. The midnights include James Wan's giallo-inspired (and apparently utterly bonkers) Malignant and Tommy Wiseau's The Room on Friday, and a 35mm print of The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (aka Next!) on Saturday. Sunday's masked matinee is Parallel Mothers, and they start a "Love Hurts!" series with 35mm prints of Bonnie and Clyde on Tuesday and The Fifth Element on Wednesday. There's also a special "Panorama" presentation of Flee on Thursday, with post-film panel discussion including representatives from the International Institute of New England and others.
  • Part of the The Somerville Theatre's repertory shows include a double feature of Summer of Soul and Wattstax, the latter on 35mm, on Friday and Saturday. If you enjoyed Ryusuke Hamaguchi's Drive My Car, his other film from 2021, Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, plays Monday through Thursday.

    Their sister cinema, The Capitol in Arlington, opens Parallel Mothers.
  • Bright Lights is apparently back for real in the Paramount Theater's Bright Screening Room, with this Thursday evening featuring Lamb, with Emerson professor Sarah Zaidan part of the discussion afterward. Tickets are still free on the day of the show.
  • The Harvard Film Archive continues to present "Tabooed Initiation: Two Early Films by Mou Tun-Fei" online through Sunday. Both films in the program - I Didn't Dare Tell You and The End of the Track - are free to stream and also include lectures by Victor Fan and Wood Lin.
  • Belmont World Film's Family Film Festival has finished, but there are three on-line modeling workshops with Aardman's Jim Parkyn on Saturday afternoon (which doesn't leave a lot of time to purchase/make modeling clay beforehand.
  • The West Newton Cinema keeps the schedule of Parallel Mothers, Sing 2, Licorice Pizza, Spider-Man, West Side Story, and Saturday/Sunday matinees of Encanto; The Lexington Venue re-opens with Parallel Mothers and West Side Story this weekend; note that they are unable to sell tickets online at the moment but "have plenty at the box office".
  • The Luna Theater has The Tragedy of Macbeth Friday and Saturday evenings, plus a masked matinee Saturday afternoon. Red Rocket also plays Saturday, while My Own Private Idaho runs Sunday. There's a Weirdo Wednesday show, and a free screening (with discussion) of Black Hawk Down on Thursday as part of UMass Lowell's Philosophy & Film series. Cinema Salem is closed for renovations this week.
  • The Museum of Science has their last weekend of The Matrix Resurrections on the Omni screen Friday and Saturday, though obviously double-check that day.
  • For those still not ready to join random people in a room for two hours, theater rentals are available at Kendall Square, The Embassy, West Newton, the Capitol, The Venue, and many of the multiplexes.
Oof, that's an impressive amount of nothing. Not even any Chinese New Year movies! Sure, the theme of this year's crop is apparently more "we drove you vicious Americans out of North Korea" and theaters are apparently closed in Hong Kong, but someone could have booked the Taiwanese puppet adventure! Anyway, I've got a ticket for Titane at the Brattle Friday, had one for The Harder They Fall on Saturday but what can you do, and might do the Indian sports double feature on Sunday, plus Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, catch-up, and shelf stuff.

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