Friday, March 04, 2022

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 4 March 2021 - 10 March 2022

Got the biggest movie since Spider-Man coming out this weekend, and while the evidence shows there's very little transmission in theaters, there's a part of me that thinks this is a really good way to test transmission in a crowded theater without holiday travel complicating the question of what else might be contributing.

Not that that's keeping me away from it, obviously.
  • That big movie is The Batman, with Matt Reeves relaunching the character in an even more grounded, seventies-crime style than Christopher Nolan's trilogy, with Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as the Riddler, and Colin Farrell as the Penguin. It is basically everywhere - the Somerville (in 4K on the main screen), the Coolidge, West Newton, CinemaSalem, Boston Common (including Imax Xenon & Dolby Cinema), Fenway, Kendall Square, South Bay (including Imax Xenon and Dolby Cinema), Assembly Row (including Imax Xenon & Dolby Cinema), Arsenal Yards (including CWX), the Embassy, and Chestnut Hill (apparently the entire theater!).

    Sleepless in Seattle plays Arsenal Yards Monday evening. The Thursday early shows of Tyson's Run are only on the schedule at Arsenal Yards, and oddly just for afternoon, unusual for even a family movie.
  • The next-biggest opening also features Colin Farrel; he co-stars in After Yang, a sci-fi drama written and directed by Kogonada (who made the excellent Columbus) as a man whose family finds themselves adrift as their daughter's android companion ceases to function. It's at The Coolidge Corner Theatre (including a Saturday Masked Matinee) and Kendall Square.

    The Coolidge also has midnight shows of Nobuhiko Obayashi's House (35mm Friday), Death Game (Saturday), and a Haus of Oni presentation of The Ring. There's a different kind of horror Sunday afternoon, with Geothe-Institut film The Last Execution telling the story of a man who was broken working for the Stasi, shot at the original sites. Monday's Big Screen Classic is Fargo, with Tuesday featuring a special Panorama screening of Hive with post-film discussion, while Thursday has a "Shakespeare Reimagined" entry of To Be or Not to Be, also with post-screen discussion.
  • Telugu-language drama Aadavaallu Meeku Johaarlu opens at Boston Common and Apple Fresh Pond. Fresh Pond also opens Jhund, a Hindi-language film starring Amitabh Bachchan as inner-city soccer coach Vijay Barse, and Gujarati crime comedy Dear Father. Gangubai Kathiawadi continues at Boston Common and Fresh Pond, with the latter also keeping Valimai and Bheemla Nayak. Telugu Romance Radhe Shyam opens Thursday at Fresh Pond, Boston Common, and Fenway.
  • The Brattle Theatre is back to showing "More of the Best of 2021", with Last Night in Soho (35mm Friday/Saturday/Sunday), Red Rocket (35mm Friday/Saturday), The Lost Daughter (Saturday/Tuesday), Violet (Saturday/Tuesday), Swan Song (Sunday), and The Harder They Fall (Sunday).

    On Monday, The DocYard presents El Father Plays Himself, with director Mo Scarpelli presenting her film which started life as a behind-the-scenes documentary for La Fortaleza (itself meta in how the director cast his non-actor father) and took on a life of its own.

    After that, they have the first leg of a Tribute to Sidney Poitier, with No Way Out and The Defiant Ones playing Wednesday (separate admission, I believe), and a 35mm print of Blackboard Jungle on Thursday.

    And don't forget, The Boston Underground Film Festival is back at the Brattle later in the month, with a limited number of passes on sale and shows likely to sell out fast when shows are announced sometime this week.
  • The "Face/Off: Travolta vs Cage" double feature at The Somerville Theatre on Tuesday is Saturday Night Fever & Birdy; that and a Monday night live show bump The Batman from the main screen on those two nights.

    Their friends at The Capitol picks up Dog
  • The Oscar Nominated Shorts continue on-screen with the Live-Action an Animated Selections playing Coolidge, Kendall Square, Boston Common, and the Embassy all week (and CinemaSalem from Friday to Sunday); the Animated package plays the Luna on Friday and Saturday with Documentary and Live-Action Saturday; The ICA has Animation Friday and two programs of documentaries on Sunday, with more screenings later in month.
  • The West Newton Cinema adds The Batman to Cyrano, Uncharted, Drive My Car, Parallel Mothers (no show Sunday), Sing 2 (Saturday/Sunday), West Side Story, and Encanto (Saturday/Sunday); The Lexington Venue has Drive My Car< Cyrano, The Worst Person in the World, and West Side Story this weekend.
  • The Luna Theater has the Animated shorts on Friday and Saturday, and the Documentary and Live-Action programs Saturday. GoodFellas plays Sunday, and there's Weirdo Wednesday to boot.

    Cinema Salem reopens with The Batman and the Animated and Live-Action Oscar shorts this weekend.
  • For those still not ready to join random people in a room for two hours, theater rentals are available at Kendall Square, The Embassy, West Newton, the Capitol, The Venue, and many of the multiplexes.
Down for The Batman, After Yang, some shorts, The Harder They Fall (finally!), and who knows what else.

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