Friday, April 01, 2022

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 1 April 2021 - 7 April 2022

Rejoice, moviegoers! Not only do you get to see something terrific this weekend, but you won't see the trailer for another movie which seems to have been playing constantly the whole pandemic
  • The terrific movie is Everything Everywhere All at Once, which comes from the makers of Swiss Army Man and features Michelle Yeoh as a frazzled woman who is told to tap into versions of herself from alternate timelines to save the multiverse in the middle of a tax audit. It's at The Coolidge Corner Theatre (including a Sunday masket matinee), Boston Common, and Kendall Square.

    Also opening at The Coolidge, Boston Common, Kendall Square, and West Newton is You Won't Be Alone, which opened Boston Underground a week and a half ago and also deals with fractured identities, in this case of a Macedonian girl cursed to become a shapeshifter but not exactly knowing how to fit into the world in any form.

    The Coolidge's midnights for the April feature classic kung fu and the movies they influenced, kicking off with a new restoration of Game of Death on Friday and The Last Dragon on Saturday. Sunday afternoon features a Goethe-Institut presentation of Next Door, with star Daniel Brühl directing and playing a version of himself, albeit one menaced by a neighbor to whom post-unification Germany has not been so kind. The big screen classic on Monday is a 35mm print of My Man Godfrey with Carole Lombard and William Powell, while a French New Wave series begins Tuesday with Agnes Varda's Le Bonheur
  • Sony's latest Spider-Adjacent flick, Morbius, offers up Jared Leto as "The Living Vampire" whose idealism is at war with his newfound craving for blood (and, presumably, some less ambiguous villains). This means you've probably seen the last of the preview, although it sure looks like Bob's Burgers is ready to take that spot. It's at the Somerville, Fresh Pond, Boston Common (including Imax Xenon & Dolby Cinema), Fenway, Kendall Square, South Bay (including Imax Xenon & Dolby Cinema), Assembly Row (including Imax Xenon & Dolby Cinema), Arsenal Yards (including CWX), the Embassy, Chestnut Hill, and CinemaSalem.

    The Devil You Know features Omar Epps as an ex-con trying to both go straight and protect his brother from being caught in a crime, with Michael Ealy as the investigating detective; it plays Boston Common. Chris Pine action flick The Contractor is apparently only set for a one-week run at Boston Common before heading to Showtime.

    Beyond the usual Thursday previews, there two Wednesday sneaks: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is at Boston Common (Dolby Cinema), South Bay (Dolby Cinema), Assembly Row (Dolby Cinema), Arsenal Yards (CWX); plus a "Fan Event" including a Q&A for Fantastic Beasts: The Secret of Dumbledore at Assembly Row (Imax Xenon). Boston Common also has 25th Anniversary shows for Selena on Thursday, which may be a one-off or may be the night-before shows for a re-release. Fenway has soccer drama High Expectations on Thursday.
  • Landmark's Kendall Square offers French film Gagarine, which follows a group of kids attempting to save their housing project from demolition, shot with the cooperation of the residents whose real-life home faced the same fate. The Kendall also starts a weekly "Retro Replay" series, with April featuring musicals and kicking off with The Wizard of Oz on Tuesday.

    Their sister theater in Waltham, The Embassy, is the only place in Boston where one can see Netflix film The Bubble on the big screen; it's directed by Judd Apatow and features Karen Gillan, Keegan-Michael Key, Kate McKinnon, Pedro Pascal, and others as actors trying to complete their next movie despite being quarantined in a hotel.
  • The optimistically named Attack - Part 1 opens at Boston Common; it stars John Abraham as India's first super-soldier engineered to fight terrorists. Apple Fresh Pond opens Telugu-language family adventure Mishan Impossible and Manmadha Leelai (which appears to be a romantic comedy of some sort) on Friday. Marathi biopic Mee Vasantrao plays once Saturday afternoon.

    Juggernaut RRR - Rise Roar Revolt continues at Fresh Pond (Telugu/Hindi/Tamil), Boston Common (Telegu), Fenway (Telegu), South Bay (Telugu), Assembly Row (Telegu/Hindi), and Arsenal Yards (Telugu). The Kashmir Files also continues at Fresh Pond.

    Anime Jujutsu Kaisen: 0 continues at Boston Common, Fenway, Kendall Square, South Bay, and Assembly Row. Check showtimes for whether it's playing dubbed or subtitled. The annual Studio Ghibli series starts with Princess Mononoke at Boston Common, Fenway, South Bay, Assembly Row, Arsenal Yards - dubbed Sunday/Wednesday, subtitled Monday. Joe's Free Films also shows free 35mm screenings of Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle at MIT on Saturday and Sunday
  • CODA gets a victory-lap release at The Capitol, the Embassy, West Newton, and CinemaSalem. The Capitol also has Hong Kong documentary Revolution of Our Times on Saturday and keeps the anniversary rerelease of The Godfather going for another week.

    The Somerville Theatre's Tuesday "Travolta vs Cage" double feature is one of the odder "is anyone seeing both?" combinations, with 35mm prints of Look Who's Talking and the NC-17 cut of Wild at Heart.
  • The Brattle Theatre spends their weekend digging into "The Roots of Mullholland Drive", with Gilda (Friday/Saturday), Sunset Boulevard (35mm Friday), 3 Women (Friday/Saturday), The Wizard of Oz (35mm Saturday/Sunday), Persona (Saturday/Sunday), and finally Lynch's film itself, sold out Sunday but screening on 35mm Tuesday.

    The DocYard presents "Three Shorts from Morgan Quaintance" on Monday, with the director on-hand for post-film Q&A. Then on Thursday, it's the opening night of Wicked Queer, with Canadian First Nations (Mi'kma'ki) coming-of-age story Wildwood.
  • The Harvard Film Archive has Solomon Fellow RaMell Ross on-hand to screen Hale County This Morning, This Evening on Friday. They then conclude their McMillan-Stewart Fellowship spotlight of Flora Gomes with The Children's Republic on Saturday afternoon and a 35mm print of The Blue Eyes of Yonta on Sunday. On Monday, they present a 35mm print of Thursday Till Sunday, including a remote conversation with director Dominga Sotomayor.
  • Belmont World Film has The Heroics available online through Monday, when they will have a streamed discussion.
  • The Bright Lights show this Thursday is Golden Arm, with director Maureen Bharoocha on-hand to discuss her comedy about a baker roped into training for the Women's Arm-Wrestling Championship. As always, it's free and open to the public with tickets able to be reserved on the afternoon of the show.
  • The Oscar Nominated Shorts hangs on with Animation playing at the Kendall, while The ICA has one last chance for the Live-Action and Animation on Sunday.
  • The West Newton Cinema is once again stuffed to capacity with CODA, You Won't Be Alone, The Lost City, The Batman, Cyrano (no show Saturday), Drive My Car (no shows Tuesday/Thursday), Parallel Mothers (Saturday/Monday/Wednesday/Thursday), Sing 2 (Saturday/Sunday), West Side Story (no show Sunday), Licorice Pizza (Saturday-Wednesday), and Encanto (Saturday/Sunday).

    The Lexington Venue has The Outfit, Drive My Car, and Infinite Storm this weekend.

    The Luna Theater has X Friday and Saturday evenings, Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché and All My Friends Hate Me on Saturday, The Birds on Sunday, and a UMass Lowell Philosophy & Film presentation of World War Z on Thursday. No Weirdo Wednesday on the site, but that may just be an oversight.

    Cinema Salem has CODA, Morbius, The Lost City, and Drive My Car from Friday to Monday.
  • For those still not ready to join random people in a room for two hours, theater rentals are available at Kendall Square, The Embassy, West Newton, the Capitol and Somerville, The Venue, and many of the multiplexes. Jordan's Furniture and the film program at the MFA are still in limbo.
I'm a sucker, so I'll probably see Morbius; I may also try to get out to Arlington for Revolution of Our Times and CODA, stick closer to home for Wild at Heart, and catch some of the things I missed during BUFF.

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