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Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 27 January 2023 - 2 February 2023

Oscar nominations are out, bringing some stuff back; there are big movies from India and China; and some stuff is kind of being dumped - although does anything really get dumped in theaters any more, as opposed to going straight to streaming?
  • So where are the Oscar-nominated films playing in the Boston area?

    • Aftersun: West Newton (Saturday)
    • All Quiet on the Western Front: The Coolidge, Kendall Square
    • All the Beauty and the Bloodshed: Brattle (Sunday)
    • Avatar: The Way of Water: Jordan's Furniture, Fresh Pond, Boston Common, Fenway, Kendall Square, South Bay, Assembly Row, Arsenal Yards, Chestnut Hill
    • Babylon: Boston Common
    • The Banshees of Inisherin: The Coolidge, Boston Common, Fenway, Kendall Square, South Bay, CinemaSalem
    • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: Boston Common, South Bay, Assembly Row
    • EO: The Coolidge, CinemaSalem
    • Everything Everywhere All at Once: The Somerville (Friday/Saturday/Sunday), Boston Common, Kendall Square, West Newton, CinemaSalem
    • The Fabelmans: The Coolidge, the Capitol, Boston Common, Fenway, Kendall Square, Lexington, West Newton
    • Glass Onion: Kendall Square
    • Living: the Capitol, Kendall Square, West Newton
    • Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Brattle (Saturday)
    • Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio - Brattle (Friday/Saturday)
    • Puss in Boots - The Last Wish: the Capitol, Fresh Pond, Boston Common, Fenway, South Bay, Assembly Row, Arsenal Yards, Chestnut Hill, West Newton
    • RRR: Fresh Pond
    • Tár: Boston Common, Kendall Square
    • Top Gun: Maverick: Boston Common
    • The Whale: Boston Common, Fenway, CinemaSalem
    • Women Talking: The Somerville, The Coolidge, Kendall Square, Boston Common, West Newton.
  • It's a horror week outside the nominees, with two new releases: Infinity Pool is the latest from Brandon Cronenberg, with Alexander Skarsgård and Cleopatra Coleman as a couple who run afoul of trouble in a strange country and find a strange underground full of, well, Cronenberg stuff. It's at the Somerville, Boston Common, Fenway, South Bay, Assembly Row, and CinemaSalem. Meanwhile, it looks like Fear has sat on the shelf a while, because folks were not ready for an airborne contagion movie for the last couple years. That plays Fresh Pond, Boston Common, South Bay, Arsenal Yards.

    An extended cut of Billie Eilish: Live at the O2 plays Friday night at Boston Common (including Dolby Cinema) and Fenway. Pinkfong Sing-Along Movie 2 plays Fenway Saturday & Sunday afternoon. There are early previews of 80 For Brady at Boston Common (Saturday/Tuesday/Wednesday), Fenway (Tuesday/Wednesday), Assembly Row (Tuesday/Wednesday), Chestnut Hill (Saturday/Tuesday/Wednesday). The latest BTS concert flick, BTS: Yet to Come, plays Kendall Square (Wednesday), Boston Common (Wednesday), Fenway (Wednesday/Thursday), Assembly Row (Wednesday/Thursday), and Arsenal Yards. There's also the obvious presentation of Groundhog Day at Fenway, Assembly Row, and Arsenal Yards on Thursday.
  • Indian National Day is a big day for the movies, apparently, with Pathaan continuing at Fresh Pond, Boston Common, and Fenway. Apple Fresh Pond.also opens four new ones: Gandhi Godse Ek Yudh, a Hindi-language alternate history where Gandhi survives his assassination and meets Nathuram Godse in prison; Malayalam thriller Alone; Malayalam action movie Thankam, and Telugu action flick Hunt.

    Big Chinese action flick The Wandering Earth II continues at Boston Common (including Imax) and Fenway.

    Anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Scarlet Bond keeps playing at Boston Common and South Bay, sometimes dubbed in English and sometimes as subtitled Japanese.

    A new Egyptian comedy, Akhi Fok El Shagara ("Bro Above the Tree" or "My Brother Above in the Tree" in English) opens at Fenway; it follows an introvert whose life is turned upside down when his hitherto unknown twin who is his opposite in every way.
  • The Brattle Theatre has more of "(Some of) The Best of 2022", such as Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio (Friday/Saturday), Crimes of the Future (Friday), Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood & Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (Saturday double feature), Till (Sunday), All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (Sunday), Watcher (Tuesday), Emily the Criminal & The African Desperate (Wednesday double feature), and Sirens (Thursday).

    They also have what I think is their first Elements of Cinema since they reopened on Monday, with On the Town showing for free including post-film discussion.
  • In addition to the Oscar nominees, The Coolidge Corner Theatre has their first Breakthrough Artist Award with Elegance Bratton on Friday, including a screening of The Inspection, but it's sold out. Ah well.

    Their midnights include Lamberto Bava's Demons on Friday and Dario Argento's Tenebrae on Saturday, both on 35mm,, with Skinamarink also playing midnights both days. There's also kids' shows of My Neighbor Totoro on Saturday and Sunday mornings, for a different sort of classic. Monday's Big Screen Classic is Sight & Sound poll leader Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, including a seminar by UMass Boston Professor Sarah Keller beforehand. Northeastern Professor Nathan Blake leads the seminar before final "Projections" entry Children of Men on Tuesday, with the film showing in 35mm. The calendar flips to February on Wednesday, with the new rep series of "Love on the Run" kicking off with the '72 version of The Getaway, with Badlands on Wednesday, both on 35mm.
  • Landmark Theatres Kendall Square has a week of Rian Johnson features, getting all his features except The Last Jedi, with Glass Onion playing every day, plus Brick (Friday/Monday/Thursday), The Brothers Bloom (Saturday/Sunday), Looper (Sunday/Wednesday), Knives Out (Friday/Saturday). There's also the last Kubrick film for January, with Full Metal Jacket playing Tuesday.
  • The Somerville Theatre has the new 4k restoration of Assault on Precinct 13 playing evenings on the main screen, though Everything Everywhere has matinees through Sunday.
  • The Harvard Film Archive continues "Kinuyo Tanaka - Actress, Director, Pioneer": Forever a Woman plays Friday, Ugetsu (35mm) Friday, Love Letter Sunday, The Moon Has Risen Sunday, and a 35mm print of Sansho the Bailiff on Monday.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts has a fairly short Festival of Films from Iran this year, with All the Beauty and the Bloodshed on Friday night.
  • The Regent Theatre opens concert film Carole King: Home Again on Tuesday for a one-week run through next Sunday.
  • Bright Lights showcases the nifty Strawberry Mansion at the Paramount Center this Thursday with director Albert Birney there for a Q&A. As always, it's free and open to the public, with reservations available at the box office (or via phone) starting at noon the day of the show.
  • The Lexington Venue is open through Sunday with A Man Called Otto and The Fabelmans.

    The West Newton Cinema adds Women Talking to Living, A Man Called Otto, Everything Everywhere All at Once (no show Thursday), The Fabelmans, Aftersun (Saturday), The Banshees of Inisherin (no show Friday), Puss in Boots, and Tár (no show Friday). Closed Monday.

    The Luna Theater has The Whale Friday through Sunday, a Weirdo Wednesday show, and a free UMass Lowell Philosophy & Film show of Groundhog Day on Thursday.

    Cinema Salem has Infinity Pool (Friday to Monday), The Banshees of Inisherin (Friday to Monday), Everything Everywhere All at Once (Friday to Sunday), Eo (Friday/Sunday/Monday), Broker (Friday/Saturday/Monday), and The Whale (Friday to Monday), Skinamarink (Friday to Monday), Aftersun (Saturday/Sunday). There's also a special advanced screening of The Outwaters on Thursday
  • For those still not ready to join random people in a room for two hours, theater rentals are available at Kendall Square, West Newton, the Capitol and Somerville, The Venue, CinemaSalem, and many of the multiplexes.
As you can see from the stuff that does and doesn't have links in the Oscar nominees section, I've got some catching up to do, and will probably also go for Infinity Pool, Assault on Precinct 13, and a second go at Glass Onion as well.

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