Friday, June 23, 2023

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 23 June 2023 - 29 June 2023

Last week, the studios had a couple big movies not meet expectations, but the big release this week is a tweener that targets boutique houses as well as multiplexes, so there's a bit of room for weird stuff to opportunistically squeeze through.
  • That big release is Wes Anderson's Asteroid City, which apparently packs just about everyone you might want to see in a Wes Anderson movie into 105 minutes of families and locals being stuck in a small desert town once something very strange happens. It's got both main screens at The Coolidge Corner Theatre, the Somerville Theatre, Kendall Square, Lexington, West Newton, CinemaSalem, Boston Common, South Bay, and Assembly Row.

    Midnights at the Coolidge this week are a 35mm print of Django Unchained on Friday and a new restoration of Lady Snowblood on Saturday. There's a Goethe-Institut presentation of We Are Next of Kin - a true-crime story told from the perspective of a kidnapped man's 13-year-old son - on Sunday morning. There are two Big Screen Classics on 35mm this week, with Monday offering Charade and Thursday featuring What's Up, Doc?, with a pre-film seminar by Jake Mulligan. Samurai Summer continues with 35mm prints of Three Outlaw Samurai on Tuesday and Kuroneko on Wednesday.
  • The more mainstream opening this week is No Hard Feelings, a comedy with Jennifer Lawrence as a young woman hired to pull their introverted son out of his shell before he goes to college, with every step of the way raunchier and more embarrassing. It's at Fresh Pond, Boston Common, South Bay, Assembly Row, Arsenal Yard, and Chestnut Hill.

    God Is a Bullet plays Boston Common and South Bay; written for the screen and directed by Nick Cassavetes, it stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as a detective who sends himself deep undercover to infiltrate the cult that murdered his wife and kidnapped his daughter, with Jamie Foxx, Maika Monroe, and a few interesting folks in the cast (note that it's long and is apparently only playing weird times). Boston Common also gets The Last Rider, a documentary about Greg Lamond's 1989 run at the Tour de France.

    Past Lives, already playing the Kendall and Boston Common, expands to the Somerville Theatre and Assembly Row.

    Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, has matinee shows at Boston Common on Saturday and Wednesday. The Room screens at South Bay and Assembly Row on Tuesday. Documentary Every Body plays Boston Common on Thursday; not sure if it's a one-off or night-before shows There's an encore show of the 2023 Grateful Dead: Meet-Up at the Movies at Kendall Square, Boston Common, and Assembly Row on Saturday, featuring a 22 June 1991 show from Soldier Field.
  • Two new Indian movies open this weekend: 1920: Horrors of the Heart, a Bollywood/Hindi horror movie in which a young girl plans the use the ghost of her father for revenge after his suicide plays Apple Fresh Pond, as does Dhoomam, a Malayalam action/adventure (I think). Spy, a Telugu-language thriller, opens at Fresh Pond on Wednesday. Adipurush continues at Fresh Pond in Telugu (3D) and Hindi; it plays Boston Common in Hindi and Telugu. Neither location specifically specifies English subtitles, although I'd bet on them at Boston Common more than Fresh Pond.

    Chinese thriller The Procurator, directed by Hong Kong veteran Alan Mak and starring Bai Baihe and Johnny Huang, opens at Boston Common.
  • The Brattle Theatre has a weeklong tribute to Ryuchi Sakamoto, a beloved Japanese film composer who has also had notable appearances in front of the camera. The presentations include Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (35mm Friday/Saturday), The Last Emperor (Saturday/Sunday), The Sheltering Sky (35mm Sunday), The Handmaid's Tale (35mm Monday), Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon (Tuesday), Derrida (Tuesday), Tony Takitani (Wednesday), Snake Eyes (35mm Wednesday), The Revenant (Thursday), and Ryuchi Sakamoto: CODA (Thursday).

    The Brattle will also be host to a free Elements of Screening screening of Gaslight on Monday and present Safety Last! outdoors at Starlight Square on Thursday.
  • In addition to the aforementioned Asteroid City and Past Lives, The Somerville Theatre also has the newest 4K restoration of the original The Wicker Man, this one done for its 50th anniversary, playing it on the 4K laser projector in the big room through Tuesday before sending it downstairs on Wednesday and Thursday. The main room also hosts the final film in the 70mm/Widescreen festival as It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World plays in 70mm Ultra-Panavision on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, while Enter the Drag Dragon plays at midnight on Saturday. Another independent film, addiction drama Stay Awake, plays downstairs on Tuesday. Note that the previously-announced secret double feature on Wednesday, intended to close out the F— the Nazis series and launch their new membership program, seems to be off.

    You Hurt My Feelings moves up Mass Avenue to The Capitol.
  • It's all-Ozu-on-35mm, all-the-time at The Harvard Film Archive as "Ozu 120: The Complete Ozu Yasujiro" rolls on for another week, with The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice (Friday), Record of a Tenement Gentleman (Saturday), The Munekata Sisters (Saturday), There Was a Father (Sunday afternoon), A Hen in the Wind (Sunday evening), and Early Sprint, with the latter print brand-new and said to be especially gorgeous.
  • Tuesday's Harrison Ford movie at Landmark Kendall Square is Clear and Present Danger; Wednesday's Christopher Nolan selection is The Dark Knight.
  • The Roxbury International Film Festival continues with films, meet-ups, and panels at Hibernian Hall, The Museum of Fine Arts, Northeastern University's Blackman Auditorium, and elsewhere, with Blackman hosting the Closing Night event on Wednesday, a conversation with Kasi Lemmons and screening of Eve's Bayou. Wednesday also kicks off the "RoxFilm@Home" presentations, with a number of films available to stream through the next weekend.
  • The Regent Theatre presents Heaven Stood Still: The Incarnations of Willy DeVille on Thursday, including a Q&A with the director Larry Locke, producer Christian Cioe, and other guests.
  • The Lexington Venue is open through Sunday plus Thursday with Asteroid City.

    The West Newton Cinema opens Asteroid City and keeps Those Who Remained (no show Wednesday), Elemental, The Flash, Spider-Verse, The Little Mermaid, You Hurt My Feelings (no show Thursday), and Super Mario Brothers (Saturday morning), also bringing back Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. (Saturday/Sunday/Wednesday afternoon). Closed Monday.

    The Luna Theater has Sanctuary Friday and Saturday evenings, Chunky Shrapnel Saturday afternoon, Tangerine all day Sunday, and likely a Weirdo Wednesday show.

    Cinema Salem opens Asteroid City and holds over Elemental, The Flash, and Spider-Verse through Monday. There are also late shows of Harold and Maude on Friday and Rocky Horror on Saturday (which is also at Boston Common that night as per usual).
  • Joe's Free Films has an outdoor double feature at Dawes Field in Cambridge on Tuesday, with The Secret Life of Pets before sunset and Top Gun: Maverick at dusk.
This weekend's plans are Elemental in 3D, No Hard Feelings, The Procurator, and maybe God Is a Bullet; might even head out to the place in Chestnut Hill for something since I've got Fandango codes to use up. I'll probably try and hit Asteroid City when it's on Somerville's laser projector, and may pick up some semi-random stuff at the Brattle where it fits.

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