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Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 7 June 2024 - 13 June 2024

Happy "no more trailers for The Watchers or Bad Boys 4" day! That second one, especially, is a rough couple minutes even if Will Smith saying "it's on her mixtape" is as good an example of a skilled performer doing what he can with a bad line.
  • Good news for those of us who have seen both green and red trailers for Bad Boys: Ride or Die a zillion times, as it opens this weekend, with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as Miami cops trying to clear the name of their murdered captain (so long, Joey Pants). It's at the Capitol, Fresh Pond, Jordan's Furniture (Imax), Boston Common (including Imax Xenon/Dolby Cinema/Spanish subtitles), Causeway Street, Kendall Square, the Seaport (including Dolby Atmos), South Bay (including Imax Xenon & Dolby Cinema), Assembly Row (including Imax Laser & Dolby Cinema), Arsenal Yards (including CWX), and Chestnut Hill.

    Ishana Shyamalan (yep, Night's daughter) makes her feature debut with an adaptation of A.M. Shine's novel The Watchers, featuring Dakota Fanning as one of a small group of people who have somehow been placed in a mysterious room with something watching them through the one-way mirror that makes up a wall. It's at Fresh Pond, CinemaSalem, Boston Common, Causeway Street, Kendall Square, the Seaport, South Bay, Assembly Row, and Arsenal Yards.

    The extended editions of The Lord of the Rings plays at Boston Common, Causeway Street, South Bay, and Assembly Row this weekend: The Fellowship of the Ring on Saturday, with The Two Towers on Sunday and Return of the King on Monday. There's also an AMC Screen Unseen preview at Boston Common, Causeway Street, and Assembly Row on Monday
  • Apple Fresh Pond has a new website that feels like it could take some getting used to - it's all sorted by film rather than date, and I kind of liked being able to see at a glance the size of the rooms each showtime was in - and open a few new movies this weekend. Munjya is a Hindi-language horror-comedy ("for the whole family"), Satyabhama is a Telugu-language crime film with Kajal Aggarwal as a detective on a missing-persons case, Manamey is a Telugu-language comedy about a playboy taking in a young boy (plays through Sunday), and Love Mouli is a Telugu-language romance (no show Sunday). They also have a re-release of Tamil action movie Indian on Saturday afternoon and the India-Pakistan game in the T20 World Cup on Sunday morning. Held over are Tamil-language film Garudan and Hindi-language Mr. & Mrs. Mahi, the latter also at Boston Common.

    Chinese action film Hovering Blade plays Boston Common.

    The week's two Ghibli Fest films are the ones Hiromasa Yonebayashi directed at the studio before moving to Studio Ponoc: The Secret World of Arrietty is at Boston Common, South Bay, and Assembly Row on Sunday (dubbed) and Tuesday (subtitled); When Marnie Was There plays on Monday (dubbed) and Wednesday (subtitled); Arsenal Yards as Marnie subtitled Monday and Arrietty subtitled on tuesday. Volleyball anime Haikyu!! The Dumpster Battle continues at Boston Common, Causeway Street, South Bay, and Assembly Row.

    If you can make it out to the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, they have matinees for Cottontail, a UK/Japan co-production with Lily Franky as a widower traveling from Japan to England to fulfil his wife's dying wish.
  • Run Lola Run gets a 25th anniversary re-release/restoration, with The Somerville Theatre giving it the most showtimes on the main 4K laser screen (it's also at the Coolidge, Kendall Square, the Embassy, and Boston Common). It gets bumped on Monday for the Tale of Two Studios double feature of On the Town & The Caine Mutiny, the former on 35mm film, and then the 70mm & widescreen fest (which will also feature a lot of Columbia & MGM films) begins on Wednesday with a 70mm show of Lawrence of Arabia, and then a 35mm print of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on Thursday.

    The Capitol teams with The 4th Wall for a live show with Bruiser and Bicycle, Tula Vera, and Ski Club with visuals by Digital Awareness on Friday, and while there was no regular Disasterpiece Theatre show on Memorial Day, they team with High Energy Vintage to show The Apple on Thursday evening.

    Also, both theaters have started doing $7 Tuesday shows ($5 for members).
  • The Brattle Theatre has a new restoration of Andrei Tarkovsky's Nostalghia from Friday to Monday, with late shows of The People's Joker Friday to Sunday.

    The week's Jordan Peele film is Us, playing as part of double features Tuesday to Thursday, with a 35mm print of Funny Games on Tuesday and The Shining on Wednesday and Thursday; note that Noir City next weekend means that one doesn't get its usual Father's Day shows.
  • I suspect The Coolidge Corner Theatre is pleasantly surprised at the legs for Hit Man, mostly keeping it on the main screen and pushing Run Lola Run to limited shows in the new rooms. Midnights this weekend are the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Friday and Dick Tracy on Saturday, and the June "New Queer Cinema" program starts with a 35mm print of My Own Private Idaho on Sunday afternoon and Young Soul Rebels with a seminar by Wicked Queer's Shawn Cotter on Tuesday. Monday's big screen classic is Rear Window on 35mm, there's Open Screen on Tuesday, and a 35mm "Cinema Jukebox" show of Selena on Thursday.
  • The Pride Retro Replay show at Landmark Kendall Square on Tuesday is Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
  • The Alamo Seaport holds over Don Hertzfeldt's twin bill of "ME" & It's Such a Beautiful Day with a full slate until at least Wednesday - good job, us, putting enough butts in seats for that! Their rep calendar has time capsule shows of Teen Witch (Friday/Monday/Tuesday), Steel Magnolias (Movie Party Saturday), But I'm A Cheerleader (Saturday/Sunday/Wednesday), plus Back to the Future Part II (Sunday) and Part III (Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Wednesday); there are also "Guest Selects" shows of the Cassevetes/Rowlands Gloria on Friday and Tuesday (doesn't say who the guest selecting is).
  • The Museum of Fine Arts has Spike Lee's School Daze on Friday night with a post-film panel discussion of Historically Black Colleges & Universities and fraternities & sororities. The Korean films series features B>Road to Boston on Saturday afternoon and Kim Ji-young, Born in 1982 on Sunday afternoon, with Thursday's Spa Night a Korean-American film that overlaps with Pride.
  • The Embassy has Kidnapped: The Abduction of Eduardo Mortara on Saturday and Sunday, and a 4K restoration of Lawrence of Arabia on Sunday and Monday, on top of Run Lola Run and Garfield.
  • Joe's Free Films lists a three-film outdoor German film marathon at Goethe-Institut, starting with Solo Sunny at 4pm, followed by Goodbye Lenin and Traces of Stones, all focused on life in pre-unification East German in some way.
  • Belmont World Film has their second of two films for World Refugee Awareness Month at West Newton on Monday, with Striking the Palace following the mostly-immigrant maids who work in Paris's grand hotels..
  • The Museum of Science has the latest local screening of Inundation District on Tuesday, free with and RSVP. Showtimes for Inside Out 2 and "Cities of the Future" are also on sale.
  • The Regent Theatre has a Midweek Music Movie show this week: The Humbler focuses on blues guitarist Danny Gatton, with director Virginia Quesada on-hand for a post-film panel discussion.
  • The Lexington Venue brings in Kidnapped to join Ezra and Nowhere Special. They're open Friday to Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

    The West Newton Cinema brings in Nowhere Special and The Long Game to join Ezra (not scheduled Thursday), Young Woman and the Sea, Challengers (not scheduled Thursday), If, Farewell Mr. Haffmann (Saturday/Sunday), and Wicked Little Letters.

    The Luna Theater has I Saw the TV Glow Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; Hundreds of Beavers Saturday, Sunday, and Thursday; and Civil War Saturday. There's also a program of Queer Short Films on Sunday evening and a Weirdo Wednesday show.

    Cinema Salem adds The Watchers to In a Violent Nature,I Saw the TV Glow, and Furiosa through Monday. On Thursday, they've got the original Hairspray and a "Funny Filmmakers" night featuring Perry Strong doing stand up comedy and presenting short films.
I'll probably head to The Strangers, The Hovering Blade, Run Lola Run, and some things that have been waiting around, especially since Inside Out 2 will likely clear screens out and I've got a bunch of things planned for next weekend.

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