Thursday, April 01, 2010

This Week In Tickets: 22 March 2010 to 28 March 2010

And now, before getting to what is likely the most annoying image map to construct in TWIT history, a look at what's playing in the Boston area for the next week:

* The Brattle has more more Kurosawa on tap. It is good stuff.

* The Coolidge has a Science on Screen screening on Monday, 5 April 2010, with a physics professor discussing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Now, that should be a kick.

* The Somerville Theatre opens a documentary on The Doors called When You're Strange.

* The Harvard Film Archive starts a new calendar on 2 April 2010; they kick it off this weekend with guests in attendance. Friday through Sunday is Argentine director Martin Rejtman; Monday is one of the Archive's founders, Stanley Cavell, with Rules of the Game.

* Kendall Square also starts a new calendar of one-week wonders. Last week's, Mid-August Lunch is held over. The new one is Sweetgrass, and has filmmakers in person for the 7:10 pm shows. With BUFF leaving, they've got some more screens to fill, and are also opening City Island and Vincere. (Next week is The Warlords; it's really good.)

... I also got an email from a publicist mentioning that Don McKay opens "in Boston" on the 2nd, but that's a single screen on theaters in Methuen and Danvers. The North Shore, IMHO, does not count as "in Boston", seeing as I can't get to Methuen and Danvers requires a couple hours on subway, commuter rail, and the bus.

This Week In Tickets!

Lots of BUFF. Tough to fit anything else in.

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HdMovie said...

Owh, how come you can made that ticket for $0.00???

Jason said...

By dropping $100 on a Festival pass, which you show at the box office to get a ticket for $0.