Friday, January 28, 2011

This Week In Tickets: 17 January 2011 to 23 January 2011

"2011" still looks funny up there, doesn't it? And, let me tell you, though you don't see any change here, I'm still a little thrown by the opposing page in my desk calendar/scrapbook being mid-twentieth century advertisements instead of pin-up girls.

This Week In Tickets!

It wound up being a slow week, in part because of weather. After what seems like a few years of "wait, why should climate change be considered a bad thing" winters in Boston, it's been really cold and snowy on a regular basis in 2011. I worked from home on Wednesday, hitting Finale and the comic shop (just as it was closing for lack of customers) at the end of the day out of pure cabin fever, and on Friday I was one of about a half-dozen to come to an office that holds considerably more than that number. It wasn't that nasty out, but people had packed for the move on Thursday in anticipation of a storm, so why come in, take stuff out of boxes, work a few hours, and then put them back in again.

Gantz is an advance ticket - I think I bought it back on the 9th, when I saw Season of the Witch - and it's a good thing . Between staying at work unexpectedly long on Thursday and the buses being a bit unpredictable, I arrived at the 8pm show at something like 8:02, although there was fortunately a pre-show being beamed out from L.A., where the film's stars had flown in to introduce the screening and take questions after mere hours after doing so in Tokyo (well, with flight time, probably more than "mere" hours, but that just makes it a little more crazy, right?). Fortunately there was an open seat fairly front and center that I could get to without having to climb over people - the show was sold out, and the people who arrived after me wound up sitting on the floor rather than break their group up.

I can't quite say my experience was as frustrating as Boozie Movies from Twitch's. To be honest, his talk about moving seats makes me think he wasn't helping the environment, but I can't say I could really complain about the smell. I do think, though, that otaku used to consuming their anime in the comfort of their living room may need a bit of a reminder that, while it's okay to yell at the screen when you're getting together with your friends to watch the new DVD you've imported or torrent you've downloaded, the rest of us did not pay $12.50 to hear you. And while you may think "I paid $12.50, I can do what I want"... It really doesn't work that way.

Anyway, I find myself genuinely hoping that there will be some sort of early announcement that Fantasia or NYAFF will announce that they're playing both Gantz movies subtitled super-early, so that I can avoid even the temptation to see it with this crowd again.

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Karl said...

Shouting at the screen in the movie theater is not cool at all! I hate stuff like that.