Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Week In Tickets: 2 July 2012 - 8 July 2012

Very, very quiet week:

This Week In Tickets!

Yeah, just The Amazing Spider-Man. On the one hand, it's sort of the calm before the Fantasia storm - I spent a couple of evenings trying to secure lodgings, then stayed up late to watch the Red Sox playing in Oakland, so I wound up not doing much on the Fourth before it was time for the Pops and fireworks. Funny night - at around 9:30, the music cut out and an announcement went out over the loudspeakers that a thunderstorm was coming, so seek shelter. I didn't, of course, and didn't get wet. Things got back on track for the national broadcast at ten, and at ten-thirty, just as they started to launch explosives from the barge in the middle of the Charles, it starts coming down hard. I think all of Boston and Cambridge went to bed smelling like rain and gunpowder. More than a few tourists, as well; the couple beside me was shrieking "oh my gawwwwwwd", to the point where you think, lady, it's been two minutes; are you going to need heart medication for the climax? I guess not everything is bigger in Texas.

There was actually a bunch at the boutique places that I wanted to see over the weekend, but my brother and his wife through a first birthday party for their twin girls, who remain adorable. Though not identical, they look much closer to the same than they did the last time I saw them (Christmas). They act different, though - Makenna is a little tentative, and likes to watch people play ball on her parents' basketball court (it's kind of an insane house), while Naomi runs and bangs on things and has her hair flying all over the place in ten minutes even though Makenna's top-knot stays put pretty much all day. So I got her a toy that both makes noise and has a hammer.

(Fun fact: No matter how old the little kid you're shopping for is, the really cool toys are for kids six months to a year older. It never fails.

Anyway, that's why there was little moviegoing this week. Next week should be different, even if I don't make it out to NYC for the last weekend of The New York Asian Film Festival, as I try to cram everything that's out that I want to see into the next week.

The Amazing Spider-Man

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