Thursday, January 16, 2014

This Week In Tickets: 6 January 2014 - 12 January 2014

Indication that it's a new year: The desk calendar fits differently on the scanner.

This Week in Tickets

First full week in work and otherwise on a regular schedule in over a month, which was in some ways tough getting used to an in some ways reassuring; it was sort of easy to lose track of the days of the week. And the weather didn't make it any easier - the first couple of days were cold, much nastier than the days at the end of the previous week when all the sca-a-a-ry snow was coming down. It made the title of Tuesday's Gathr screening, Summer in February, a bit of a tease, and made any moment spent outside waiting for the bus to or from Arlington, not much fun at all. The movie itself, at least, wasn't bad, a decent costume drama that interested me more for the details.

It was such a reasonably busy week at work that I didn't get out to anything else and was considering just packing it in early on Friday, but all the caffeine finally kicked in by the time I got to the Coolidge at midnight for Wrong Cops, a fun sort-of-spinoff of Wrong that was interesting with the midnight crowd. Even the production company vanity card at the start made us laugh for how off-kilter it was.

I wound up seeing relatively little on Saturday - a midnight movie meant a 2:30am bedtime which meant no time to go see the cheap(ish) screening of The Legend of Hercules on Saturday, and then I found myself staying in until it was time to head over to Fresh Pond for Cold Comes the Night. Not a great movie - I was seeing it half out of fondness for the director's previous film, half to support unusual genre movies playing locally - but not bad. It was actually pouring rain when I got out, though, getting me soaking wet and glad I had time to dry out before heading to the Brattle for Here Comes the Devil, a borderline-great horror movie that suggests that the director of Cold Sweat may have a little more than I expected in him.

Sunday, I met up with friends at The Past, which really needs no "borderline" to qualify its greatness. After that, it was a trip to the grocery store, dinner, and some time to actually write.

Summer in February
Wrong Copes
Cold Comes the Night
Here Comes the Devil
The Past

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