Tuesday, October 07, 2014

This Week In Tickets: 29 September 2014 - 5 October 2014

Here's what a page out of the movie ticket scrapbook of a normal person looks like, presuming that non-lunatics would be keeping such a thing:

This Week in Tickets

It's not exactly that I meant to make My Old Lady the only movie I saw last week - Boyhood was actually playing at a convenient hour for what seemed like the first time - but I had a run of just not being able to get out of the office on time and on Thursday, I opted to do some birthday shopping for my niece instead of going for something slightly later.

Friday, I tried to see Breakup Buddies, and it was not just sold out, but sold out on an extra screen, which is so far away from my previous experience with Chinese movies opening day-and-date in Boston that I wonder what the heck is going on - is director Hao Ning suddenly really popular, or the cast (Lost In Thailand was popular enough to stick around for late shows in its second week last year, amid crappy weather). Unfortunately, it sold out after I had already checked in on MoviePass, and hitting "Sold Out" on the app doesn't quite free you up to see another movie immediately. So I went home, watched some baseball, and realized there was no way I was going to stay up through the Coolidge's midnight screening of The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears and wake up Saturday morning in time to make it to Maine. Pity; I wanted to give it a second chance after dozing off during BUFF, but its first return to Boston was while I was in Austin, and this second one wasn't going to happen. Ah, well. Maybe when it hits video.

The rest of the weekend was spent on a trip to Maine - a cousin got married on Saturday (with a "speakeasy" theme, which I'm convinced was entirely based around wanting to wear the cool hat he busted out for the reception), and we celebrated my niece's birthday on Sunday, even though our actual shared birthday was a few days earlier. Didn't see much of her, though, because she now has a public-school number of friends and a dozen eight-year-old girls (plus younger sisters and cousins) is a lot of squealing. I was truly impressed with how her mother kept some semblance of order, though - her regular job is in tour management, but that's just rock stars.

Not quite as much fun as I'd hoped, though, as a pretty nasty cold hit me just as I was boarding the bus north. That is not the best way to sit through a wedding and reception, folks.

So, quiet week, more so than I'd expected.

My Old Lady

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