Wednesday, June 13, 2018

This Week In Tickets: 4 June 2018 - 10 June 2018

"Yep, quiet summer this year. No need to really get all worked up about falling behind, let's just see what's coming this weekend OH MY GOD."

This Week in Tickets

Well, at least I proved to myself that I could do those five-film days, get something quick into Letterboxd and maybe onto eFilmCritic, before hitting Fantasia next month, but, whoa, that's a busy weekend.

It kicked off with some baseball, the second of three games in my 10-ticket package to collide with a movie thing, and this time the game won. On the one hand, it was my second game pitched by Chris Sale in a row; on the other, it was my second in a row where Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez did not play. That is a recipe for a pretty low-scoring affair, and in this case, a 1-0 loss. Went quick, though, and it was a beautiful night.

Going to that meant I missed the first double feature of Noir City: Boston, but I'd seen the "A" portion of it before, so it wasn't so bad. The event as a whole was a lot of fun, in large part because it was not unambiguous classics, but some that were kind of ridiculous or mediocre.

Two double-features a day should be enough, but I made up for missing the first night by catching an extra crime film each morning. Believer was okay, although not nearly as good as Drug War, the Johnnie To film being remade; Hotel Artemis is a neat setting with a great cast that never really gets its story going.

Another summer weekend coming up, first impressions will be on my Letterboxd account.

White Sox 1, Red Sox 0
Hotel Artemis
Noir City: Boston - Murder, My Sweet / Strangers in the Night
Noir City: Boston - The Killers / So Dark the Night
Noir City: Boston - Force of Evil / The Guilty
Noir City: Boston - Try and Get Me! / Shakedown

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