Tuesday, August 28, 2018

This Week in Tickets: 20 August 2018 - 26 August 2018

Late summer is for baseball, ignoring the major releases, and procrastinatnig on catching up on the stuff that's worth it.

This Week in Tickets

I generally try and space my baseball games out, but sometimes they schedule the game with the Snoopy bobblehead giveaway the day before the one in my season ticket package, and what can you do then? You go to both, confident that you'll see at least one victory given how the Red Sox have rolled this year, and it suddenly becomes clear that the Indians are not just a decent team in a lousy division, but pretty good. It at least looked like they'd get back in it on Monday, but it didn't happen.

Errands to run much of the rest of the week, but I got out to Kendall Square to see Support the Girls on Friday, which meant that both going to something else during IFFBoston and hanging on to MoviePass weren't bad choices - as much as AMC's A-List started out looking like "MoviePass but limited to AMC", things have changed enough that MoviePass now seems like "A-List for Landmark". Not particularly enthused about the Chinese movie that had been advertised for months, I hit Go Brother! instead,and that was a mixed bag.

Anyway, short week, so no smaller reviews to put here. Follow my Letterboxd for more short stuff.

Indians 5, Red Sox 4
Indians 6, Red Sox 3
Support the Girls
Go Brother!

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