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This Those Weeks in Tickets: 11 March 2019 - 24 March 2019

Festival stuff gets drawn out, so the posts for the last night of BUFF 2019 (in March) got posted in July, and so I didn't have enough time to circle back around here at the time.

This Week in Tickets

This Week in Tickets

So this will just be another quick post to fill in some blanks. As you might expect from the previous post, I spent the next day on a plane back from Hong Kong, and from there it was back into old habits, although the first movie after getting back was in a different spot, as AMC booked Furie at South Bay rather than Boston Common. Maybe there's some sort of Vietnamese population in Dorchester?

I would have put Chinese movies aside, but two opened that weekend, More than Blue and The Crossing, and while the first has more or less fled my mind, the second was pretty darn good, and it was a different experience to "revisit" Hong Kong on-screen soon after being there.

After the second one of those, I headed down the C line to the Coolidge to catch Transit and Starfish, taking me right up to 2am or so because the latter had the director on-hand to talk about his film, what he was hoping for from Endgame, which made for a fun Q&A. I didn't quite love the movie itself, but I was certainly impressed by the effort.

Sunday afternoon was the annual Chlotrudis Awards. Folks had fun with their numbers, but I kind of wonder how it's going to go from now on. It's a small group that has in many cases embraced other interests and seen fewer films, so a couple of people really liking something at Provincetown or a Netflix film getting a broad release could skew the voting.

The one unfortunate movie-related downside to my vacation was not getting to see Apollo 11 in Imax, although I was still happy to see it at the Somerville on Monday and enjoyed the heck out of it. The next night it was off to the common for Triple Threat, a sort of all-star selection of action guys from Asia and the direct-to-video worlds that isn't great but does its thing pretty well.

After that, the Boston Underground Film Festival took me through the weekend, with an Opening Night of Hail Satan? and Clickbait; Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records and The Girl on the Third Floor on Thursday; Tone-Deaf and Mope on Friday; the "Bucket of Truth" comedy shorts, Nightshifter, Knife+Heart, and A Hole in the Ground on Saturday; and Assassinaut, the "A Lot Like Life" animation block, Canary, Happy Face, and The Unthinkable to close it out on Sunday.

By my standards, I did pretty well getting that festival written up in a mere three months, though quick reactions were my Letterboxd page at the time.

The Crossing
More than Blue

Apollo 11
Triple Threat
BUFF: Hail Satan? & Clickbait
BUFF: Industrial Accident & Girl on the Third Floor
BUFF: Tone-Deaf & amp; Mope
BUFF: Bucket of Truth, Nightshifter, Knife+Heart, A Hole in the Ground
BUFF: Assassinaut, A Lot Like Life, Canary, Happy Face, The Unthinkable

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