Friday, July 24, 2020

Next Week in Virtual Tickets: Films sort of playing Boston 24 July 2020 - 30 July 2020

Anybody else out there plotting out how to go to a movie in the next few weeks without compromising principles too much? I'm doing some heavy rationalization involving how not a whole lot of people are as into the movie I'm targeting, that I like sitting much closer to the screen than everyone else, and that I will absolutely suck M&M Minis through a straw rather than take my mask off. It's probably not smart, and I'll probably reconsider when the time comes, sticking to what I can see at home for a little while more.

  • The Coolidge Corner Theatre has a fairly hefty amount of turnover on that count, having ended several runs but opening a few more. Yes, God, Yes stars Natalia Dyer as a teenager coming of age with a whole bunch of Catholic guilt about the process, and the theater will livestream a Q&A with writer/director Karen Maine about it on Tuesday evening. They also open Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful, the latest documentary about an iconic fashion photographer to hit screens. They also get a collection of six Sundance Film Festival Short Films, with the mix of narrative/documentary/domestic/international pieces running 80 minutes total. Also sticking around are Runner, the Alex Cox Double Feature of Highway Patrolman & Straight to Hell, John Lewis: Good Trouble, and Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those Things.

    They also partner with Goethe-Institut to host Relativity, where love at first sight is cut short only to have a strange sequel, from Friday to Sunday. The week's Coolidge Education seminar spotlights Clueless, with Simmons professor Audrey Golden offering both introduction and Thursday night discussion for those who register.
  • The Somerville Theatre adds horror movie Amulet (including a post-film discussion with writer/director Romola Garai) to its virtual cinema, joining John Lewis: Good Trouble, Shirley, Alice, Pahokee, and the Quarantine Cat Film Fest. Sister cinema The Capitol stands pat with shorts package "One Small Step", the Quarantine Cat Film Fest, The Surrogate, and Heimat Is a Space in Time in their the virtual cinema and ice cream shop/concession stand open.
  • The Brattle Theatre and Massachusetts Historical Society are ingfinish their "Boston on Film" virtual series with a bonus third "half" that focuses on independent and genre films including Next Stop Wonderland, Funny Ha Ha, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, Children of Invention, Session 9, and The House by the Cemetery, with a final double feature being announced Saturday morning. The Virtual Screening Room stays its course with Beats, Shanghai Triad, Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those Things, In My Blood It Runs, and The Killing Floor.
  • The Brattle would normally be one of the main venues for Wicked Queer, the Boston LGBT film festival, which has instead pivoted to an online model for 2020. Note that films are only available to stream within a 24-hour period, with the cutoff for purchase three hours before the end.
  • The West Newton Cinema is also open again this weekend, and likely into the week even if showtimes are not yet listed. They add Casablanca and Motherless Brooklyn to a slate featuring John Lewis: Good Trouble, Dolphin Tale, The Goonies, and The Wizard of Oz, with the latter three (at least) offering $5 tickets as part of a family fun day on Saturday, with curbside popcorn pickup if you order by 10am. Their GoFundMe campaign also continues.

    The Lexington Venue does not seem to be open this weekend based on their website, with the next scheduled opening August 7th.
  • The Regent Theatre still has Reggae Boyz and WBCN and the American Revolution for virtual movie offerings, the Kalliope Reed Quintet concert streaming Sunday night, and a GoFundMe campaign.
  • New York's Japan Cuts continues to stream through the 30th, while the Korean Cultural Center's Korean Movie Night continue through the 26th.

There's baseball to watch and the "Boswords" crossword puzzle tournament, but I'll likely try and catch Relativity, Amulet, and maybe some of Japan Cuts around that and the shelves full of Blu-rays that dominate my living room.

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