Friday, January 01, 2021

Next Week in [Virtual] Tickets: Films sort of playing Boston 1 January 2021 - 7 January 2021

Happy New Year, a weekend where theaters traditionally tweak how many screens the Christmas releases are on, maybe opening something from Asia or some piece of dreck looking to say that, technically, it's a theatrical film rather than DTV junk. And while we technically can't say "ugh, 2020" any more, we're still probably going to be in lockdown through much of January at the very least.
  • Still, it looks like The Coolidge Corner Theatre has a fun-looking one opening, with Shadow in the Cloud starring ChloĆ« Grace Moretz as a soldier joining an all-male bomber crew during WWII and potentially having to fight a monster on board. It joins Love Sarah, "The World of Wong Kar-Wai" (new restorations of As Tears Go By, Days of Being Wild, Chungking Express, Happy Together, Fallen Angels, Eros segment "The Hand" (from 48 to 56 minutes), and In the Mood for Love), Another Round, 76 Days, City Hall, and Martin Eden.
  • The Brattle Theatre thins their offerings out a bit, down to To the Ends of the Earth, Ikarie XB-1, Another Round, Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan, Zappa, and City Hall. Maybe watch some Marx Brothers in their honor.
  • The multiplexes that are open - Watertown, Chestnut Hill, and West Newton are closest to the T - with The West Newton Cinema showing themselves as open through Sunday with one screen showing of Wonder Woman 1984. If you can make it out to the Liberty Tree Mall, they've got Alien in addition to the rest of the things released last week.
  • The Regent Theatre has three more hybrid performances of Jimmy Tingle's 2020 Vision (daily through Sunday), with the 60-minute film followed by stand-up comedy and Q&A. Some in-person seating is available, but it will also be live-streamed. They also continue to stream Jefferson Mays's one-man version of A Christmas Carol through Sunday.
  • The Somerville Theatre remains closed but The Slutcracker is still streaming a version cut together from last year's performances; The Capitol in Arlington has the concession stand and ice cream shop open.
  • Theater rentals are available at the Brattle, the Coolidge, West Newton, the Capitol, The Lexington Venue, the AMCs out in the suburbs, and the Majestic in Watertown for sure, and maybe Apple Fresh Pond (their site is confusing and Cambridge is locked down) and the Belmont Studio (the rental page on their site is pre-lockdown), although it might be worth checking to see if any reservations made at the Brattle or Landmark Theatres Kendall Square are still active with the new restrictions. The Coolidge is showing slots available to reserve online through January 31st for both Moviehouse II and the screening room, with "Premium Programming" including In the Mood for Love, Sound of Metal, Wolfwalkers, and Fleabag available along with the option to bring your own disc. The Brattle currently shows no open slots, even beyond Cambridge's restrictions. The independent theaters also have other fund-raising offers worth checking out.
Definitely looking at Shadow in the Cloud and seeing what else can be caught up on.

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