Friday, February 24, 2023

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 24 February 2023 - 2 March 2023

End of the month, already? I mean, yeah, February's short, but 2023 is zipping by.
  • The big opening this week is Cocaine Bear, a horror-comedy about a bear that goes on a rampage after ingesting a whole bunch of coke, directed by Elizabeth Banks, featuring most of the cast of The Americans, and what I believe is Ray Liotta's final role. It's at the Somerville, Fresh Pond, Boston Common, Kendall Square, South Bay, Assembly Row, Arsenal Yards, and Chestnut Hill, and it's a shame it doesn't get the premium screens.

    Also opening is Jesus Revolution, with Kelsey Grammar as an uptight minister in the 1960s who reluctantly welcomes his daughter's hippie friends into his congregation. It plays Boston Common, South Bay, and Assembly Row.

    Oscar-nominated doc Navalny plays Boston Common, with Marcel the Shell with Shoes On playing Saturday morning. The $5 Black History Month shows at Boston Common and South Bay are Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (so kind of Black Alternate History Month). Arsenal Yards has matinees of Minions: The Rise of Gru Friday to Sunday for the end of school vacation week. There are early-access screenings for Creed III at Boston Common (Imax "Live Premiere Event") on Monday, and then Wednesday at Boston Common (Imax/Dolby Cinema), South Bay (Imax/Dolby Cinema), Assembly Row (Imax/Dolby Cinema), Arsenal Yards (CWX) on Wednesday, ahead of the regular Thursday early shows and Saturday opening.
  • Emily opens at The Coolidge Corner Theatre, Kendall Square, Boston Common, and Assembly Row. Directed by Frences O'Connor, it stars Emma Mackey as Emily Bronte, depicting what she drew from to create Wuthering Heights.

    The Coolidge adds the Oscar Documentary shorts to their rotation, alongside Animation and Live Action. Also opening for a limited run of late shows (but mostly on the bigger screens) is a restored director's cut of Videodrome, which also gets midnight shows on Friday and Saturday. The "regular" midnights are a 35mm print of Michael Mann's The Keep on Friday (and they're not playing coy about it the way they did last time) and one of Dead Snow on Saturday.

    The other repertory programs at the Coolidge are a "Big Screen Classics" show of The Conformist on Monday, plus "Love on the Run" shows of Wild at Heart on Tuesday and Moonrise Kingdom on Wednesday,
  • The big Bollywood opening this week is Selfiee, with Akshay Kumar as an action star who blows off a fan (Emraan Hashmi) asking for a picture only to discover that he's the one who must sign off on his driver's license before shooting an automotive-stunt-heavy movie, a feud which gets completely out of control. It's at Fresh Pond and Boston Common.

    Apple Fresh Pond also opens Malayalam comedy Enkilum Chandrike on Friday, with Bangledeshi drama Made in Chittagong playing Sunday. Sir (the Tamil version of Vaathi continues at Fresh Pond, while Shehzada and Pathaan are held over at Fresh Pond and Boston Common.

    Cheng Er's WWII thriller Hidden Blade gets a more standard slate of showtimes at Boston Common (you can actually see it at 7pm!), with The Wandering Earth II also hanging around there.
  • The Brattle Theatre has a second Bugs Bunny Film Festival program running through Sunday, featuring different shorts than the ones that played for the past week.

    The bulk of the week is given over to "Greenaway x4", including a new restoration of Peter Greenaway's The Draughtsman's Contract (Friday to Sunday), plus A Zed & Two Noughts (Sunday/Monday), The Belly of an Architect (Tuesday), and Drowning By Numbers (Wednesday).

    There's also a free Elements of Cinema screening of Stormy Weather on Monday, free at 6pm, with Emerson College's Professor Shaun Clarke introducing and leading a post-film discussion.
  • Landmark Theatres Kendall Square finishes their month of Billy Wilder throwbacks with Double Indemnity on Tuesday.
  • The Somerville Theatre adds animated and documentary Oscar Shorts programs on top of Cocaine Bear; they also seem to be back up to a full-ish schedule, with 5pm/7pm/9pm shows (roughly) even on weekdays.

    Their sister cinema in Arlington, the Capitol, brings back All Quiet on the Western Front.
  • The Harvard Film Archive wraps their "Kinuyo Tanaka: Actress, Director, Pioneer", program with 35mm prints of Mother and Where Chimneys Are Seen on both Friday and Sunday. Another two-month program, "Remapping Latin American Cinema: Chilean Film/Video 1963-2013", begins on Saturday with The Chilean Charles Bronson and a 35mm print of Tony Manero. On Monday, they welcome actress Seret Scott for two Black History Month presentations; one in the afternoon focusing on the broad scope of her career and an evening screening of Losing Ground on 35mm film.
  • The Regent Theatre shows the "Willow" program from Banff Mountain Film Festival on Friday, with Concert for George screening on Saturday night to celebrate what would have been George Harrison's 80th birthday.
  • The ICA has the Oscar short documentaries on Sunday; the various programs also playing at the Coolidge, the Somerville, the Kendall, the Lexington Venue, West Newton, and Luna Lowell.
  • Bright Lights shows My Name Is Andrea, which mixes archival footage of feminist Andrea Dworkin with dramatic re-enactments. It's free and open to the public at the Paramount's Bright Screening Room on Thursday night, including a Q&A with director Pratibha Parmar and producer Shaheen Haq afterward.
  • In addition to the Friday/Saturday Omni shows of Ant-Man, The Museum of Science also uses the giant screen for a free screening of At Your Cervix, a documentary on how medical professional often learn how to conduct pelvic exams by examining sedated women without their consent. That's on Wednesday (pre-registration required), and features a post-film discussion with the director and various doctors and nurses.
  • The Lexington Venue is open through Sunday with the three Oscar shorts packages, Living, and 80 for Brady.

    The West Newton Cinema opens documentary Four Winters, which features interviews from some of the few remaining Jewish partisans who resisted the Nazis during World War II. They also play Ant-Man, Of an Age (through Sunday), the three Oscar short packages, Women Talking, A Man Called Otto, Everything Everywhere All at Once, The Fabelmans, Aftersun (through Sunday), The Banshees of Inisherin (through Sunday), Puss in Boots (through Sunday), and Tár. No shows Monday.

    The Luna Theater has all three Oscar shorts programs, with Documentary Friday & Saturday, plus Animation and Live Action on Saturday. The Whale plays Saturday, and Dirty Dancing all day Sunday. No Weirdo Wednesday shows on the site right now, but there's a free UMas Lowell Philosophy & Film show of Clueless on Thursday.

    Cinema Salem is open through Monday with Cocaine Bear, Ukrainian film The Guide, Ant-Man 3, James Baldwin Abroad: Istanbul - Paris - London, and The Fabelmans. There's a Miz Diamond Wigfall presentation of The Shining on Friday and regular screenings on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

    If you can make it out to the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, they have My Happy Ending with Andie MacDowell as a star who winds up sharing a hospital room with three regular women.
  • For those still not ready to join random people in a room for two hours, theater rentals are available at Kendall Square, West Newton, the Capitol and Somerville, The Venue, CinemaSalem, and many of the multiplexes.
Down for Cocaine Bear, some Greenaway, some Oscar shorts, and maybe trying to stay up through The Keep this time around.

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