Sunday, June 29, 2003

[RED SOX] Running Up The Score

What's wrong with it? The Marlins overcame a seven run deficit last night to win 10-9. It's unlikely that they would have overcome a 20-run lead on Friday, but possible. After all, the Red Sox had scored 14 runs in one inning, and there was nothing except Boston's bullpen to prevent the Marlins from doing the same. And yet, Grady felt guilty about his team continuing to play aggressive baseball after they'd built up a good lead.

Happily, as you can see in this article, John Henry doesn't agree:

''If we're supposed to stop trying to score,'' Henry said, ''we should just put up a disclaimer on the scoreboard: `You should go home now, we're not trying anymore.'

''You've got people giving up their Friday night to be at the ballpark, spending a couple of hundred bucks, and we're supposed to stop playing? The idea is to score runs. If not, then why are we out there? We've got a sold-out crowd, and if we're not trying to score runs, no matter what the score is, we're not playing baseball.''

It was rumored, during the off-season, that Henry wanted to fire Grady Little and hire a new manager. I don't think they'll fire Grady during the season while the team is still winning, but I'd be surprised if he was given a new contract.

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