Thursday, June 19, 2003

[TV] The Amazing Race 4

So, who are you rooting for in The Amazing Race? Yeah, me neither. It's a pretty thoroughly uncharismatic field, with three teams I actively dislike (the NFL wives, the models, the married guys), several who made basically no impression, and only a few who I actively enjoy watching enough to cheer on. And out of those, my favorite (Amanda & Chris) were eliminated early.

Folks just don't seem to be having as much fun as they were earlier; of the teams that are left, only the clowns and the guys who've been dating twelve years even seem to like each other. Too bad; a big part of the show's appeal to me is being less cutthroat than other unscripted programs.

(Not that I'll stop watching or anything like that, mind. It's still the most entertaining show running new episodes this summer)

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