Tuesday, June 24, 2003

[RED SOX] That's more like it

It's good to see the Sox properly crushing the Tigers tonight. Maybe it makes me a bad baseball fan, but I really have a tough time getting excited about "double, ground out to the right side of the infield to advance the runner, sacrifice fly" to "manufacture" a run. Productive outs, are, after all, still outs. Sure, they're better than double plays and infield pop-ups, but that sort of seems like purchasing a single run dearly. I always wonder why play-by-play guys are so complimentary over a groundout to second. Why not "well, if you're going to ground out..." as opposed to considering it a virtue.


You've got to wonder about the brain trust in Florida. They were just going to ship Kevin Millar to Japan and getting nothing in return? The next time Commissioner Bud talks about competitive balance, someone should bring up the hand-picked owner of that Marlins team who clearly wasn't even trying.


No-mar! No-mar!

Without looking at Alex Rodriguez's stats, and fully understanding that Nomar has just been on a tear lately, I'm starting to wonder whether the truism that "it's A-Rod and everyone else" is not quite so true any more. Right now, Bob Rodgers and Eck are talking about how you can't walk him, but it seems to me that he's showing some more discipline at the plate lately. Not to the point where he's actually taking a base on balls, but he doesn't seem to be swinging as much when pitchers throw him junk outside the strike zone. Then, once he's up 3-1... Triple.

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