Thursday, August 14, 2014

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 15 August - 21 August 2014

Thing I would not have predicted at the start of the year: Getting to see four movies featuring Choi Min-sik in regular theaters before the end of August.

  • As mentioned last week, Let's Be Cops opened on Wednesday; the story about two guys with a scanner and costumes pretending to be police officers plays at the Somerville, Apple, Boston Common, Fenway, and Assembly Row.

    Also opening up: The Expendables 3, which has made it to a third movie without anyone really getting expended and now has a pretty gigantic cast, with Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Ronda Rousey, and Harrison Ford being added to the team and Mel Gibson playing the villain. It's at the Somerville, Apple, Fenway (including RPX), Boston Common, Assembly Row, and the SuperLux. And I really feel like I should know something about The Giver, another movie based on a young adult novel in a dystopian fantasy world. It's got an unreasonably good supporting cast - Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes - and Phillip Noyce directing, so I really feel like I should have seen one preview for it at some point. It's at the Capitol, Apple, Embassy Square, Boston Common, Assembly Row, Fenway, and the SuperLux.

    All three of those movies are also opening at Showcase Cinema in Revere, which also has The Admiral: Roaring Currents - I guess there's a notable Korean community in that area or something, because they also had The Attorney six months back, and is getting this two weeks after it opens in South Korea. Choi Min-sik plays a Korean naval legend, who in 1597 fought off a 300-ship Japanese armada with a fleet of 12 ships.

    Apparently the $3 movies are done at Boston Common, but the $6 screenings on Sunday and Wednesday continue; this week's is Elvis: That's the Way It Is.
  • Kendall Square has two new ones this week. The one-weeker is Finding Fela, a documentary on Nigeria musician Fela Kuti, which also integrates archived interviews, performance footage, and material from the Broadway play Fela!. They've also got Land Ho! (as does West Newton), a road movie about two American senior citizens, formerly married to sisters, who take a trip to Iceland.
  • Apple Cinemas/iMovieCafe is doing the thing where they open up the same movie under different names in Tamil (Anjaan) and Telugu (Sikandar), but nothing subtitled. Over at Fenway, Bollywood action movie Shingham Returns opens, with Ajay Devgn reprising his role as a tough cop (now Deputy Commissioner) looking to crack down on crime. Kareena Kapoor co-stars.
  • The Brattle picks up another IFFBoston selection for a weekend run in Rich Hill, a documentary on three brothers in the Missouri town of the title, a dirt-poor spot in the heartland. There's a panel discussion after the 7:30pm show on Friday. It plays three times a day through Sunday, and one 7:30pm show on Monday. The other shows on Friday to Monday are a return of Only Lovers Left Alive in 35mm, replacing Life After Beth. Well, there's one other, an 11:30pm screening of Videodrome (in 35mm) at 11:30pm Saturday.

    The Robert Wise screenings include a matinee of The Sand Pebbles on Monday and The Sound of Music on Tuesday. The "Girls Rule!" double feature on Wednesday is Pretty in Pink in 35mm and Ghost World. And then on Thursday, there's a special premiere screening of Exposed, a documentary on cutting-edge burlesque performers.
  • The Coolidge Corner Theatre picks up Brendan Gleeson Calvary for its second week, meaning Snowpiercer has finally left town (but give it a hand - it outlasted Trans4mers here!). They also pick up one 9:45pm screening nightly in the GoldScreen of The Dog, a documentary about the man who inspired the main character in Dog Day Afternoon (which has a special screening on Thursday night).

    In other special screenings, the midnight "Postmortem" zombie series continues with a 35mm of Stuart Gordon's Reanimator, which I recall being fun from the other times I've seen bits and pieces late at night. There are apparently still tickets available for Monday's Big Screen Classic, the annual Big Lebowski Bowling Party, which has the movie in 35mm, contests, costumes, and bowling.
  • The Somerville Theatre has Clue in 35mm at midnight on Friday and Saturday. Their sister theater, the Capitol, picks up Chef second-run, while The Princess Bride pulls double duty as both the family movie playing at noon and the Summer Rewind flick playing at 10:30pm Friday and Saturday.
  • It's still Fritz Lang time at the Harvard Film Archive, with The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (Friday 7pm), Hangmen Also Die! (Friday 9pm), Man Hunt (Saturday 7pm), While the City Sleeps (Saturday 9pm), Woman in the Moon (with Jeff Rapsis accompanying on piano Sunday at 7pm), and Human Desire (Monday 7pm).
  • The Museum of Fine Arts continues The Films of Mohammad Rasoulof with screenings of Goodbye (Friday) and his new one Manuscripts Don't Burn (Saturday, Sunday, Thursday). Eric Rohmer's A Summer's Tale has one last screening on Friday. Closed Curtain, the latest from Iran's Jafar Panahi (supposedly not supposed to be making movies), plays Friday, Saturday, and Thursday
  • The Regent Theatre has some local films on Sunday, with feature film 10 bookended by TV pilot Lives of Will and Ray and short film "The Test". Can't find much information on them, though. There's also a free screening of Tim's Vermeer on Wednesday, with details at this site.

    There's also a month to get tickets for a Gathr screening of Who Is Dayani Crystal? (co-directed by Gael Garcia Bernal) there on 24 September, which needs 50 purchases in the next 28 days. Tugg needs 107 more pre-orders for a 16 September screening of Last Call at the Oasis at Kendall Square (tickets must be purchased by the 5th)
  • The ICA is still screening Jim Hodges's Untitled film, a portrait of fellow artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres, at 1pm on Sundays as part of their summer exhibition of Hodges's work.
  • From Joe's Calendar, noteworthy free outdoor films this week include the silent Evangeline at the longfellow National Historic Site in Cambridge, Roman Holiday at DCR North Point on Wednesday, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in Revere on Thursday. Beetlejuice is the one shownig up in multiple spots.

Unlikely I'll get back from my niece's birthday party in time for Woman in the Moon on Sunday, but I will be looking to take in Expendables 3, The Admiral, maybe Singham Returns and/or The Giver. Still haven't caught Boyhood, Calvary, or A Most Wanted Man yet, either.

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