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This Week In Tickets: 18 August 2014 - 24 August 2014

Definition of middle age: Still wanting to see the midnight movie but wishing it also ran at 8:30pm or so.

This Week in Tickets

The week started off pretty well, though, with baseball from a pretty darn good seat. Of cours, it came toward the end of this slog of a season where even though the score was close, and Brandon Workman had an encouragingly good game, but sloppy defense just felt inevitable. This year can't be done soon enough.

Fortunately, the movie selection was pretty good! I went to A Most Wanted Man on Tuesday night, and once again felt chagrined that the only new Philip Seymour Hoffman movies we've got to look forward to are the Hunger Games sequels. It was neat to see Nina Hoss, though; I've liked the German movies she was in.

I meant to get to the midnight Die Hard on Friday, but just missed the train that would have gotten me there on time and there's not one coming just two minutes later at that time of night. Saturday, I spent drilling through the month-tall pile of comics I didn't read while in Montreal before going for the triple feature, which took a pretty long time despite being composed of short movies. Granted, part of this was me not doing them in the same theater, but the bloat of twenty minutes of previous and another twenty of preshow means that there is a lot of time between screenings. I got through the first two legs (Another Me and Land Ho!) okay - didn't much care for the first, very fond of the second - but hit the wall during 14 Blades and honestly didn't see much of it at all.

I kind of don't mind the money I spent on the ticket - I spend enough time agitating for Hong Kong movies, especially the ones with Donnie Yen, to play Boston that when one does, I want to support it with money, even if the Weinsteins are taking four years to release the thing like it's still the freaking mid-nineties rather than the twenty-first century when English-subtitled Region A Blu-rays are available eight weeks after a movie plays Beijing or Hong Kong. Hopefully my ten bucks helps convince theaters that this is worth doing and worth doing closer than Revere.

I spent much of Sunday writing and listening to baseball on the radio, then basically chose what to see that night via process of elimination, which led to Frank, which was darn good. Highly recommended.

I saw one of the other options two days later, and don't much regret missing the other, so that worked out pretty well.

Jin yi wei (14 Blades)

N/A (out of four)
Seen 23 August 2014 in Coolidge Corner Theatre #2 (@fter Midnite: Fresh Blood, DCP)

I really wish I'd been able to stay awake for this one, because while it didn't seem to be anything terribly special plot-wise, there was some pretty good action whenever I was awake and alert, even if Sammo Hung seemed to be in a non-fighting cameo. There seemed to be a pretty charming little banter thing going on between Donnie Yen's General Qinlong and Wei Zhao as the girl he winds up travelning with. Generally nice-looking, too; I'll certainly be looking out for it when it comes out on video.

(Four years late!)

Another crummy Red Sox gameA Most Wanted ManAnother MeLand Ho!14 BladesFrank

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