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Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 11 October 2019 - 17 October 2019

You know what I bet people who manage movie theaters love? When someone makes a movie in either cutting-edge or just generally weird fashion comes out and they've got to suddenly field a bunch of questions from people who don't actually know anything about exhibition but read something on the internet and now are going to either ask or argue with people who actually program the machines. Godspeed, guys!

  • The movie in question is Gemini Man, the long-gestating movie about a secret agent being pursued by his 20-years-younger clone (so, Will Smith versus the Fresh Prince) which finally got made with Ang Lee shooting it with Douglas Trumbull's rigs, capturing it at 4K resolution and 120 frames per second in native 3D. No theater in North America can actually project that, apparently, and the closest 120fps screenings to Boston are in New York, so you've got to set some priorities. I tweeted at the various chains in the area to see whether the "3D+" shows (what Hollywood has rebranded "High Frame Rate" after people reacted badly to it with the Hobbit movies) would be at 4K or not, and all but AMC responded, so here's what we seem to be looking at:

    • The Capitol: 2D and 2K at 24fps
    • Fresh Pond: 2D, probably 2K, at 24fps
    • Jordan's Furniture Reading: 2D Imax laser, probably 4K at 24fps
    • Jordan's Furniture Natick: 2D Imax, probably 2K at 24fps
    • Boston Common: 2D Imax, probably 2K at 24fps; standard 2D at 24fps; 3D+ at 60fps (most screens 2K)
    • Fenway: 2D , possibly 4Kat 24fps; 3D+ RPX (probably 4K) at 60fp
    • The Seaport: 3D+ Icon-X laser 2K at 60fps; 2D (possibly 4K) at 24fps
    • South Bay: 2D Imax, probably 2K at 24fps; Dolby Cinema 2D (possibly 4K) at 24fps; standard 2D at 24fps; 3D+ at 60fps (most screens probably 2K)
    • Assembly Row: 2D Imax, probably 2K at 24fps; standard 2D at 24fps; 3D+ at 60fps (most screens 2K)
    • Revere: 2D at unknown resolution at 24fps; MX4D 2K at unknown resolution at 24fps; 3D+ in 4K at 60fps
    • The SuperLux: 3D+ laser 4K at 60fps

    "Regular" 3D is apparently good enough for the new iteration of The Addams Family, which is animated in something resembling Charles Addams's original style and features the voices of Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron as Gomez & Morticia as the clan moves to suburbia. It's at the Capitol (2D only), Fresh Pond (2D only), Boston Common (including 3D), Fenway (including 3D), the Seaport, South Bay (including 3D & Dolby Cinema), Assembly Row (including 3D & Dolby Cinema), Revere (including 3D), and the SuperLux (2D only). And something called Jexi gets a surprisingly high number of screens for my never having seen a trailer, starring Adam Devine as a man who doesn't like any person as much as his new phone, whose personal assistant is helpful but jealous. It's at Fresh Pond, Boston Common, Fenway, the Seaport, South Bay, Assembly Row, and Revere.

    Anniversary screenings of Alien play Fenway and Assembly Row on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (also in Revere on Wednesday), and Rob Zombie's 3 From Hell pops back up again on Monday at Fenway, South Bay, and Revere. Documentary Skid Row Marathon plays Fenway, South Bay, Assembly Row, and Revere on Monday, while Kevin Smith's Jay & Silent Bob Reboot has a preview (or only show) on Tuesday at Fenway, the Seaport, and South Bay. There are encores of Metallica & the San Francisco Symphony's S&M 2 at Revere on Monday and Boston Common on Wednesday. Fenway, Boston Common, Assembly Row, and Revere will have a Zombieland double feature (including next week's sequel, Double Tap) on Wednesday.
  • Kendall Square and Fenway get Lucy in the Sky, a fictionalized version of a true story with Natalie Portman as an astronaut who has trouble re-acclimating to life on Earth after seeing space, directed by Noah Hawley who has done some great TV in the past couple of years. The Kendall also gives us a week to see Steven Soderbergh's The Laundromat on the big screen before it hits Netflix, as well as Francis Ford Coppola's The Cotton Club Encore, with Coppola re-cutting his 1984 film to include 30 minutes of cut footage including a number of musical numbers. They also have a special screening of Who Will Write Our History on Thursday with writer/director Roberta Grossman as well as legendary documentary filmmaker Errol Morris.
  • The Coolidge Corner Theatre also has a Netflix presentation, although El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie only runs from Friday to Sunday, including midnights on the main screen. It means that indie horror movie Candy Corn is relegated to midnight shows in the Screening Room, with a 35mm print of Blacula playing screen #2 at midnight on Friday and a 35mm double feature of Boris Karloff in Frankenstein and The Mummy on that screen at midnight Saturday. Tuesday is Open Screen.
  • Apple Fresh Pond opens The Sky Is Pink, Priyanka Chopra's first Bollywood film in a few years, playing the mother of a teenager with pulmonary fibrosis. They've also got Syeraa in Telugu, War (also at Fenway) in Hindi, and Asuran in Tamil. There's also Malayalam movie Aadya Rathri on Saturday and Monday.

    Chinese movies The Climbers and My Country, My People hang around at Boston Common, as does Japanese animated adventure Promare.
  • The West Newton Cinema picks up Paolo Sorrentino's Loro despite the IFFBoston selection also being available on demand and also plays host to a Belmont World Film presentation of Guatemalan drama Tremors on Wednesday
  • The Brattle Theatre celebrates "Fifty Years of Nonsense" with a Python-athon: 35mm double features of And Now for Something Completely Different & The Meaning of Life on Friday and Holy Grail & Life of Brian on Sunday; matinees of The Wind in the Willows on Sunday; and a pairing of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen & Time Bandits on Monday before a 9pm encore of The Holy Grail.

    Aside from that, Tuesday is Trash Night, a special screening of On the Waterfront with Brando biographer William Mann in person on Wednesday, and the opening night of their "Film and…" Festival on Thursday, with director Robert Eggers there along with his film The Lighthouse (pass required).
  • The Melanin Pride Festival includes a film component, with Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex, Fashion & Disco at the MFA on Friday, a short film package at the MFA and The Garden Left Behind at ArtsEmerson's Paramount on Saturday, Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America at the MFA and Surviving with Wild Tongues at the Brattle on Sunday.

    The Museum of Fine Arts also continues "Exquisite Corpse: The Spirit of Hyman Bloom" with Delicatessan (Friday/Saturday), The Witch (Wednesday/Thursday), and Hyman Bloom: The Beauty of All Things (Thursday). New Cinema from Portugal also continues with short films on Sunday and Sadness and Joy in the Life of Giraffes on Wednesday.
  • The Somerville Theatre has their last Jack Attack show on Friday, with Easy Rider showing out of order because it apparently wasn't available earlier. The Boston Underground Film Festival sets up shop starting Wednesday, with their monthly Dispatch from the Underground on Wednesday featuring an Astron-6 Retrospective before they kick off their "Buff-O-Ween" weekend with Extra Ordinary on Thursday. That night also has their first "Coleslaw's Picture Playhouse", with a live show before a 35mm screening of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?".
  • The Harvard Film Archive has more B-Movies this week: Gun Crazy in 35mm (Friday 7pm & Sunday ), a 16mm double feature of Among the Living & Bewitched (Friday 9pm), a twin bill of Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence on 35mm & Persons in Hiding on 16mm (Saturday 3pm), another with Stranger on the Third Floor & Blind Alley on 35mm (Saturday 7pm), Sam Fuller's The Steel Helmet on 35mm (Saturday 9pm), and It Happened in Hollywood on 35mm & The Fargo Kid on 16mm (Sunday 7pm), although the Saturday screenings look like they overlap. They also return to "Godfrey Reggio, Cinematic Seer" with his 2013 film Visitors on Monday.
  • The Regent Theatre host the Lonely Seal International Film, Screenplay, and Music Festival from Friday to Sunday with twelve blocks of short films and one seminar in the Underground. They also have an Archive Screening Night Roadshow on Wednesday (and another on the 27th).
  • Bright Lights shows The Farewell on Tuesday, with Boston Asian-American Film Festival director Susan Chinsen talking afterward, as well as Mapplethorpe on Thursday with producer Nate Dushku. Upstairs at the Paramount, free for all.
  • Cinema Salem has Takashi Miike's First Love splitting the small room with Gary Oldman in Mary. TheSalem Horror Fest continues with Trick 'r Treat and the completely different Trick or Treat on Friday; Mass Hysteria, Antrum, Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project, and The Girl on the Third Floor on Saturday; Porno, Villains, Funny Games, and The Strangers on Sunday; and an early show of Zombieland: Double Tap on Thursday. There are also personal appearances elsewhere and screenings at The Bridge at 211 and the Peabody Essex Museum including Frankenstein & The Bride of Frankenstein (Friday), Dante's Inferno with music by Goblin (Saturday), Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown (Saturday), Re-Animator & From Beyond (Saturday), Island of Lost Souls & The Invisible Man (Sunday), War of the Worlds (Sunday), and a Columbus Day Critters marathon.
  • The Luna Theater is also in the Halloween spirit with The Slumber Party Massacre Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday evenings, documentary Wrinkles the Clown Saturday afternoon, BeetleJuice all day Sunday and Night of the Living Dead all day Monday, and there may be spooky stuff during the free Saturday Morning Cartoons, Sunday's "Magic Mystery Movie Club", and Weirdo Wednesday. Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool plays Saturday afternoon, but likely isn't scary at all.
Looks like my first trip to the SuperLux in a while to see Gemini Man, some Python, The Laundromat, The Lighthouse, and maybe Lucy in the Sky.

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