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Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 12 April 2024 - 18 April 2024

Kind of wish I had a work holiday on Monday to fit an extra movie or two in, to be honest.
  • The week's big new release is Civil War, the new one from Alex Garland starring Kirsten Dunst as an American photojournalist who has covered war zones all over the world now covering the disintegration of her own country. It appears to be more about war than the actual things dividing America at the moment, but neither Garland nor Dunst often misses. It's at the Coolidge, the Somerville, Fresh Pond, Jordan's Furniture (Imax), West Newton, CinemaSalem, Boston Common (including Imax Xenon & Dolby Cinema), Causeway Street, Kendall Square, the Seaport, South Bay (including Imax Xenon & Dolby Cinema), Assembly Row (including Imax Laser & Dolby Cinema), Arsenal Yards (including CWX), and Chestnut Hill.

    The Long Game, with Jay Hernandez as the mentor to a bunch of Mexican-American caddies who create their own golf course, opens at Fresh Pond and Boston Common,

    A different "impossibly-fast-growing spider" movie than the one which played BUFF - Sting rather than Infested - plays Boston Common, South Bay, and Assembly Row. Arcadian, which stars Nicolas Cage in a Quiet Place-looking thing as a recluse sheltering from monsters who come out at night, plays Causeway Street and South Bay.

    A new version of Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead, starring Simone Joy Jones and Nicole Richie, opens at South Bay.

    Shrek 2 gets an anniversary re-release at Boston Common, South Bay, and Assembly Row.

    There's an early-access show of The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare at Boston Common, the Seaport, Assembly Row, and Chestnut Hill on Saturday; a surprise AMC "Screen Unseen" preview plays Boston Common, Causeway Street, Assembly Row on Monday. Various theaters will be doing "Spider-Monday" for the next couple of months, with Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man kicking it off at the Coolidge (35mm), Boston Common (also Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday), the Seaport (also Tuesday/Wednesday), and Assembly Row (also Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday). Holocaust drama Irena's Vow plays Boston Common Monday and South Bay on Monday and Tuesday.
  • The Coolidge Corner Theatre is starting to look a little more like expected as they expanded, opening three new movies along with Civil War: La Chimera comes from Italy, with Josh O'Connor as a man with a near-supernatural talent for finding hidden artifacts, drawn to a mysterious new dig; it's also at Kendall Square, the Lexington Venue, Boston Common, and the Seaport. The Beast, from France, features Léa Seydoux as a woman in 2044 who has been drawn to the same man in multiple lives, via reincarnation, virtual reality, or perhaps erased memories. That also plays Kendall Square and Boston Common.

    Screen 6 looks like it's being used in large part for specialty bookings that hang around one week, with this week's selection being Remembering Gene Wilder, which is, well, that. Director Ron Frank will be on-hand for a special show on Sunday afternoon.

    The midnight zombies this weekend are a new digital restoration of Cemetery Man on Friday and a 35mm print of [REC] on Saturday; for the polar opposite, there's a Kids' Show of Mary Poppins on Sunday morning. If Civil War is not enough Kirsten Dunst, Monday offers to 35mm presentations, with a Big Screen Classic show of Marie Antoinette at 7pm and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man at 9:45pm. What's the Score presentations include Shaft on 35mm film Tuesday and Joker on film Wednesday. Thursday's Big Screen Classic is a 35mm print of Charlie Chaplin's City Lights.
  • Landmark Kendall Square opens Housekeeping for Beginners, about a woman who never aspired to motherhood finding herself forging bonds with her girlfriend's daughters.

    There's a "listening event" for Pearl Jam: Dark Matter on Tuesday, with the new album playing twice, once in the dark and once with visuals (also at Boston Common). The Tuesday New Hollywood show is William Friedkin's Sorceror.
  • The Capitol in Arlington gets Blackout, the new werewolf story from Larry Fessenden with Alex Hurt as a painter in a small town who worries the holes in his memory correspond to a number of vicious killings. They also have GoodFellas for Capitol Crimes on Friday & Monday, plus Fried Green Tomatoes for "Good For Her" on Saturday & Tuesday. They also have matinees for school vacation, with The Lego Movie from Monday to Wednesday and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Wednesday to Friday.

    In addition to Civil War and The First Omen on 35mmThe Somerville Theatre wraps their "Smooth Cinema" series on Friday with Arthur on 35mm, as well as a "Super-Smooth High Seas Party" in the Crystal Ballroom afterward, with tickets for the party including the movie. They have a 4K double feature of restored The Third Man & Coup de Torchon on Saturday & Sunday; a 35mm noir double feature of The Postman Always Rings Twice & The Bribe on Monday, a special presentation of Growing Pains featuring a Q&A with the cast and crew on Tuesday, a tale-of-two-studios pairing of The Wizard of Oz & It Happened One Night (the former on 35mm) Wednesday, and a special presentation of Indigo Girls: It's Only Life After All on Thursday.

  • More South Asian movies for Eid this weekend at Apple Fresh Pond (and elsewhere). Friday brings Telugu-language horror-comedy Geethanjali Malli Vachindi; Tamil-language drama DeAr, in which a wife's snoring is a sort of proxy for the challenges newlywed couples face; Romeo, a Tamil-language romance about a husband hoping to win the love of his wife in an arranged marriage; Aavesham, a Malayalam-language action flick with a gangster offering engineering students the chance for revenge against the upperclassmen who hazed them; Varshangalkku Shesham, a Malayalam-language comedy about two friends viewed at different points in their lives; and from Pakistan, Daghabaaz Dil, an Urdu-language romantic comedy about a couple who may ironically find love while attempting to sabotage their upcoming arranged marriage. Marathi comedy Alibaba Aani Chalishitale Chor, in which the attendees of a dinner party hear a kiss and then a slap during a brief power outage, plays Saturday and Sunday.

    Held over at Fresh Pond are Hindi-language movies Crew, Maidaan (also at Boston Common), and Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (also at Boston Common). Telugu-language Family Star also stays at Boston Common.

    Korean concert film Suga - Agust D Tour 'D-Day': The Movie plays Boston Common, Causeway Street, Assembly Row, and Arsenal Yards. Also from South Korea, thriller Exhuma continues at Boston Common and Causeway Street. Vietnamese drama Mai continues at South Bay.

    Chinese romance Viva La Vida continues at Causeway Street; YOLO continues at Boston Common and returns to Causeway Street.

    Japanese films hanging around are Perfect Days at the Coolidge, and Kendall Square; The Boy and the Heron is still at West Newton.
  • The Alamo Seaport has Dawn of the Dead through Wednesday for its 45th anniversary. Their rep calendar has Clerks for the Time Capsule show on Friday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; Labyrinth on Saturday and Sunday, the latter a "movie Party"; and Blue Giant for "World of Animation" on Monday and Tuesday.
  • The Embassy continues Wicked Little Letters and Farewell Mr. Haffmann, with The Taste of Things playing Saturday.
  • The New England Aquarium adds "Ocean Paradise" to its rotation of Imax 3D films starting this weekend.
  • Wicked Queer 40 continues through Sunday at The Brattle Theatre, the Bright Screening Room at the Paramount, and The Museum of Fine Arts, plus free best-in-show presentation at BU's GSU Auditorium on Wednesday, On Monday, they shift to streaming, with many programs available to stream in Massachusetts through the 22nd or 30th.
  • After Wicked Queer, The Brattle Theatre has the annual Muppet Madness Marathon on Monday, this year featuring The Dark Crystal, Muppet Treasure Island, and The Muppet Movie, the last on 35mm. Monday is also the start of Massachusetts Space Week, with the Brattle hosting a Space Film Festival, featuring 2001: A Space Odyssey on 35mm Monday, Sunshine on 35mm Tuesday, and Gravity on Wednesday. There's also an RPM Fest Presentation of "Vitreous Chamber: Films by Malic Amalya & Nathan Hill" on Wednesday and a Grrl Haus Cinema show on Thursday.
  • The Harvard Film Archive has two programs of the short films of Margaret Tait this weekend, with Ute Aurand hosting "Films by and about Margaret Tait" on Friday while Luke Fowler presents Being in a Place: A Portrait of Margaret Tait on 35mm, plus three of her shorts, on Saturday. Sunday has the last film of their Martin Rejtman series, Silvia Pietro, on 35mm, as well as Jean-Pierre Bekolo's Midimbe's Order of Things - Part I. The Edward Yang series continues on Monday with That Day, on the Beach, including a video introduction by actor David Mao.
  • Joe's Free Films shows a free screening of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind on 35mm on Friday in room 26-100, with The MIT Lecture Series Committee also showing a presentation of Sudanese film Goodbye Julia in that room on Monday.
  • ArtsEmerson has two documentaries in the Bright Screening Room of the Paramount this Saturday, with Boston Asian-American Film Festival presenting Big Trouble in Little Chinatown, which chronicles the fight for Chinese districts to survive amid gentrification and the spike in anti-Asian racism around the Covid epidemic, while Unseen (preceded by short "Doc West Moves") follows a blind, undocumented immigrant attempting to become a social worker.
  • The Bright LIghts at the Paramount has two events this week: Fairlyland plays on Wednesday with the original book's author Alysia Abbott on-hand to discuss the adaptation of her memoir of San Francisco in the 1970s & 1980s; American Fiction plays on Thursday with Emerson professor Jerald Walker leading discussion.
  • Boston Turkish Film & Music Festival has streaming selections through Monday.
  • Belmont World Film moves to the Embassy in Waltham on Monday for Hesitation Wound, a Turkish film about a lawyer who must split her time between her criminal practice and her hospitalized mother. They also have the previous week's selection, Traces, available to stream from Tuesday to the following Sunday.
  • The final weekend of Dune: Part Two at The Museum of Science appears to be sold out, but they will be adding "Superhuman Body: World of Medical Miracles" to the Omnimax rotation starting Saturday.
  • The Lexington Venue has La Chimera and Wicked LIttle Letters (Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday) from Friday to Sunday, and also has another weekend of indie matinees: documentary Patrick and the Whale (playing with the 30-minute local short film program "Voices of Our Youth") on Saturday and indie drama Two Lives in Pittsburgh (playing with animated short "Pete") on Sunday.

    The West Newton Cinema adds Civil War and continues Wicked Little Letters, One Life, Kung Fu Panda 4, Dune: Part Two, American Fiction, and The Boy and the Heron.

    The Luna Theater has Late Night with the Devil on Friday, The Craft on Saturday, American Psycho on Sunday, a Weirdo Wednesday show, and a free UMass Lowell Department of World Languages & Cultures presentation of Big Fight in Little Chinatown on Thursday.

    Cinema Salem has Late Night With the Devil, Civil War, Monkey Man, and, yes, Hundreds of Beavers from Friday to Monday. There's a Night Light show of Switchblade Sisters on Friday, a surprise "Whodunnit… With a Fake Boston Accent" show on Sunday afternoon (free, but registration at Race to Solve the Case encouraged), and the first night of the Seagrass 420 Film Festival, featuring Up in Smoke and The Cabin in the Woods, on Thursday.

    If you can make it out to Woburn, Sweet Dreams is playing at the Showcase there and stars Johnny Knoxville as the reluctant softball coach at a sober-living facility, with Kate Upton and Jay Mohr also in the cast. The Showcase in Dedham has an English dub of Capitán Avispa, a Dominican animated film about heroic honeybees.
Yeah, I'll do Civil War, Arcadium, The Beast, and maybe La Chimera. I'll probably choose the noir over the Kirsten Dunst double on Monday, and also hit Sunshine.

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