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Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 19 April 2024 - 25 April 2024

Fair warning if Boston Common is your home base, they've got a lot of screens dark over the next week, with the whole upper floor closed through Sunday and maybe half opened up Monday, which seems like enough time to install new projectors but not reconfigure theaters for recliners, but then, who knows? Maybe there's just mold!

(Unrelatedly, Kendall Square isn't showing anything playing Monday)

  • Is there anybody else who just cranks movies out like Guy Ritchie and still has such a distinct style? His latest, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare just sounds like him, and has a nifty cast (Henry Cavill, Eiza Gonzalez, Henry Golding, et al) set loose behind Nazi lines in WWII. It's at Fresh Pond, Boston Common, Causeway Street, Kendall Square, the Seaport, South Bay (including Dolby Cinema), Assembly Row (including Dolby Cinema), Arsenal Yards (including CWX), and Chestnut Hill.

    Also arriving this weekend is Abigail, in which a crew of small-time criminals are hired to watch the kidnapped daughter of a rich man, only to discover that she's a vampire and they are trapped in the house with her. It's at Fresh Pond, Boston Common (Dolby Cinema starting Monday), Causeway Street, Kendall Square, the Seaport, South Bay (including Dolby Cinema), Assembly Row (including Dolby Cinema), and Arsenal Yards (including CWX).

    Multiplex Imax theaters at South Bay and Assembly Row pick up "Deep Sky", a short documentary about the Webb Space Telescope and its amazing images; it's been part of the rotation at The Museum of Science for a while. There's also Imax screenings of Hereditary on Wednesday at Jordan's Furniture, Boston Common, South Bay, Assembly Row.

    Chicago & Friends In Concert plays Sunday at Assembly Row. There's an AMC Screen Unseen at Boston Common, Causeway Street, and Assembly Row on Monday, plus announced early access screenings of Champions Monday at Boston Common (Dolby Cinema), Assembly Row (Imax Laser), South Bay (Dolby Cinema), and Arsenal Yards (CWX). Spider-Monday is up to Spider-Man 2 at the Coolidge (35mm), Boston Common (also Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday), the Seaport (also Tuesday/Wednesday), and Assembly Row (also Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday). Unsung Hero plays Boston Common, Causeway Street, and Assembly Row on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Sasquatch Sunset, the latest from the Zellner Brothers, opens at The Coolidge Corner Theatre, Kendall Square, Boston Common, the Seaport, and South Bay. It is, like it sounds, about what may be the last family of sasquatches in the wild, with Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keough among the players in full prosthetic makeup and, if they trailers are anything to go by, mostly communicating in grunts and other nonverbal utterances.

    Midnight undead flicks this weekend are a 35mm print of Zombieland on Friday and Train to Busan on Saturday. Sunday's Geothe-Institut matinee is When Will It Be Again Like It Never Was Before, about a teenager growing up on the grounds of the psychiatric hospital where his father is the director; Sunday also has a special screening of the newly-restored Little Darlings. Monday's Shakespeare Reimagined show is She's the Man; with the 35mm screening of Spider-Man 2 later. "What's the Score?" on Tuesday is The Empire Strikes Back (not on film, so likely the Special Edition), with Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence on 35mm film Wednesday . Thursday's Cinema Jukebox is Reality Bites on 35mm.<
  • Perhaps the biggest thing to open this weekend, though, is Spy X Family - Code: White, a feature-length anime film that's been a hit in Japan and has its unusual trio - a spy who marries an assassin and adopts a daughter, who knows their secret identities because she's telepathic - on a seaside vacation. Mayhem, naturally, ensues. It's at Fresh Pond, Boston Common, Causeway Street, Kendall Square, South Bay, Assembly Row (including Imax Laser), and Arsenal Yards; check showtimes for subs vs dubs.

    Three new films from India and two from Nepal open at Apple Fresh Pond this weekend! The big one seems to be Do Aur Do Pyaar, a Hindi-language film about a couple whose relationship is on the verge of collapse (Vidya Balan & Pratik Gandhi) having affairs with foreign-born partners (Sendhil Ramamurthy & Ileana D'Cruz) only to have things go in unexpected directions. Jai Ganesh is a Malayalam-language drama about a paraplegic designer trying to live a normal life, and Paarijathaparvam is a Telugu crime-comedy about two inept gangs trying to kidnap the same person. From Nepal, Degree Maila M.A 3rd Class is about a well-educated man unable to find a job or a place in life; it plays all Friday to Sunday while Mahajatra, a caper about friends having to hide stolen money, plays one show Sunday.

    Aavesham, Varshangalkku Shesham, and Crew are held over at Fresh Pond.

    South Korean concert film Asepa: World Tour in Cinemas plays Boston Common on Wednesday; thriller Exhuma continues at Causeway Street.

    Chinese romance Viva La Vida continues at Causeway Street.
  • The Alamo Seaport has opens The People's Joker, a project which reimagines the Joker as trans, with different segments in different styles, and also holds over Dawn of the Dead's anniversary run. Their rep calendar is pretty quiet, with The Mask and The Big Lebowski Monday, and Spider-Man 2 Monday to Wednesday (and maybe Thursday, since they never commit that far out).
  • The Embassy is open Friday to Sunday with Hard Miles, starring Matthew Modine as a coach at a juvenile correction facility who leads his students on a bike trip from Denver to the Grand Canyon. Wicked Little Letters and Farewell Mr. Haffmann also play those days.
  • The Brattle Theatre wraps Massachusetts Space Week and the Space Film Festival with Deep Impact (Friday/Saturday), 2001: A Space Odyssey (35mm Saturday), Men in Black (Saturday), and a double feature of WALL-E & Elysium (Sunday/Monday), which makes complete sense thematically if not necessarily in terms of target audience.

    There are also daily shows of With Love and a Major Organ from Friday to Saturday, a very funny BUFF selection that handles its goofy "people have symbolic objects for hearts" premise way better than you'd expect. A 35mm print of Red Rock West plays Sunday, with an introduction from Cinématographe’s Justin LaLiberty who you'd think would be up the 66 for Little Darlings earlier that afternoon, but that's not on the Coolidge's site). There's a The Great Gatsby double feature on Tuesday & Thursday, with the Robert Redford-starring version celebrating its 50th paired with Baz Lhurman's flashier feature. And on Wednesday, they have the "Best Cinemapocalypse Finals" double feature (is this a thing from the theater's podcast), pairing Children of Men & 12 Monkeys. Thursday also begins a run of Riddle of Fire in 35mm, which you might have missed in the Seaport as it overlapped BUFF (it's between Gatsbys, so I guess that isn't exactly a double feature).
  • The Capitol has one last matinee of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part on Friday. The Capitol Crimes show on Friday & Monday is They Live By Night, and the "Good For Her" show on Saturday & Tuesday is Serial Mom.

    The Somerville Theatre picks up BUFF alum Femme, a thriller about a drag queen seducing the closeted man who attacked him months earlier. They also have a "Silents, Please!" show on Sunday, with Jeff Rapsis accompanying Metropolis (perhaps the first time I can recall this series not featuring a 35mm print); Monday's "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" noirs are Johnny Eager & Keeper of the Flame, both on 35mm film; and the "Tale of Two Studios" twin bill on Wednesday is Love Finds Andy Hardy & Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, also both on 35mm, and wrapping up the first leg of the series. There's also a free screening of "why are they building in the Seapot with the sea levels rising" documentary Inundation District on Tuesday evening with post-film Q&A.
  • The Harvard Film Archive is mostly Edward Yang this weekend, featuring Mahjong (Friday), Taipei Story (Saturday & Sunday), The Terrorizers (Saturday), and In Our Time (Monday). In between, they wrap the Jean-Pierre Bekolo series with Midimbe's Order of Things - Part II on Sunday evening.

    Elsewhere on the Harvard campus, there are free shows of No. 16 Barkhour South Street at the Tsai Auditorium Friday, King Coal with director Elaine McMillion Sheldon at the Barker Center on Friday, and The Gate of Heavenly Peace at the Tsai on Monday.

    Joe's Free Films shows a free screening of The Big Lebowski Friday & Saturday in room 26-100, from The MIT Lecture Series Committee and the DeFlorez Fund for Humor.
  • The Tuesday New Hollywood show at Landmark Kendall Square is The Deer Hunter.
  • Wicked Queer 40 continues its virtual encores, some available through Sunday and others through the end of the month.
  • Belmont World Film continues to stream Traces through Sunday, but takes this Monday off.
  • The Lexington Venue appears to have Remembering Gene Wilder, La Chimera and Wicked LIttle Letters from Friday to Sunday, although maybe call, since nothing is listed on their website right now.

    The West Newton Cinema also picks up Remembering Gene Wilder and holds over Civil War, Wicked Little Letters, One Life, Kung Fu Panda 4, and Dune: Part Two.

    The Luna Theater has Problemista Friday & Saturday), Late Night with the Devil on Saturday, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Common Ground on Sunday, and a Weirdo Wednesday show.

    Cinema Salem continues Late Night With the Devil, Civil War, Monkey Man, and Hundreds of Beavers from Friday to Monday. The Seagrass 420 Film Festival has Super High Me, The Big Lebowski and Half Baked on Friday, plus Dazed and Confused, Pineapple Express, and Reefer Madness '36 on Saturday. There's also a Night Light show of Dawn of the Dead on Friday, with it playing also playing Saturday afternoon and then Sunday & Monday after the weed stuff is done. There's also a free GlobeDocs screening of Canary on Thursday (register here). If you can make it out to the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, they have Villains Incorporated, in which a group of henchmen try to make it on their own when the supervillain who employs them is killed, and will also be playing Selena from Friday to Sunday.
Sure, I'll do Ungentlemanly Warfare, Abigail, Sasquatch Sunset, the Monday noirs, Love Finds Andy Hardy, Inundation District, and maybe Spy x Family. I really should catch up with Civil War and Ghostbusters 4 before the end of the month, too.

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