Saturday, January 31, 2015

This Week In Tickets: 18 January 2015 - 24 January 2015

If I get this up before going to the midnight at the Brattle, it's still technically "this" rather than "that" week!

This Week in Tickets

Kind of a slow-ish week, although the writing was slowed when my tablet took a tumble to the floor, and this time is was the display that was hosed even though the touchscreen still worked. Rest in Peace, Nexus 7. I wrote more reviews on you than I ever fathomed could be done without an actual keyboard.

Before that, though, there were movies. Sunday's selection was Mr. Turner, Mike Leigh's impressive biography of English painter William Turner, brought to life by Timothy Spall. Between that performance and Channing Tatum in Foxcatcher, there's been a lot of animalistic grunting in classy movies this year.

On Tuesday night, I only caught the back-end of a Brattle double feature, because I'm at the point where I don't expose myself to Catherine Breillat unless absolutely necessary. That meant just Rocks in My Pockets, and... Man, I was not in the mood. I wanted to strangle the filmmaker for her incessant narration, even if I could be impressed by what she put on-screen.

Plan A on Friday was Strange Magic, but that fell through when the show I checked in for on MoviePass was cancelled. I got them to check me into another, which wound up being Mortdecai, even though I had been dreading it since I first saw a trailer. It wasn't a wholly miserable experience, though - I rather liked Paul Bettany and Gwynneth Paltrow in it, and it meant I learned about the original books, which sound a heck of a lot better than the disastrous movie.

After that, I rested up for Saturday's Boston Horror Show, which the good folks at All Things Horror had at the Somerville Theatre. Short version: Sins of Dracula bad, The Battery OK, Dys- very good, and Spring exceptional. I really can't wait for more people to see the latter when it hits general release in March.

Mr. Turner
Rocks in My Pockets
The Boston Horror Show

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